Station Casino Introduces Nevada’s Largest Wearing Menu

Station Casino, a major gaming and entertainment provider in Las Vegas, has announced the debut of an all-new STN Sports mobile betting app powered by GAN. The new app offers Nevada’s largest wearable menu, an all-new user experience, identical gaming parlay wearing options, higher parlay salaries, a single wallet for higher games and sports, and a host of game-switching features that are scheduled to be released in early 2024. To celebrate the debut of the new app, new guests can sign up to receive a sign-up bonus of up to $100 depending on an initial deposit.

Additions to be released in early 2024 include an all-new integrated kiosk system that allows bettors to pay and place bets, and the introduction of “Bring-Your-Own-Device,” which allows bettors to build their ultimate bets on the app and activate their bets by scanning them from the kiosk. Customers can also place bets through the desktop website and experience personalized betting experiences with free bets, increased odds, and matches of the day.

To activate the new STN Sports app, existing and new customers will need to visit or download the new app from their respective app stores, utilize the station casino’s single STN mobile account credentials, or create new credentials. Their existing wallets will be sent to the new app immediately. 슬롯머신

Once successful field trials are completed, we expect to receive full approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board to further deliver the best-in-class sports betting app technology in the market.

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