SSG Landers has reorganized its Futures coaching staff

SSG Landers has reorganized its Futures coaching staff.

The core of the reorganization is the recruitment and organization of coaches to implement the club’s sports science-based development direction and the creation of a strength department.

The new coaches were recruited with a focus on basic skills in biomechanics data utilization, mental management, athlete-centered thinking, and technical competence, and to facilitate communication and collaboration with coaches in each part.

In addition, SSG will create a Strength Department to support athletes’ continuous growth and minimize injuries by applying lower body strengthening, rotational power enhancement, and flexibility/durability/mobility enhancement, which are fundamental to improving the performance of pitchers and fielders and preventing injuries.

The new coaches joining the program are Kim Isul (former Yulgok Go coach), Yang Ji-hoon (former Samsung Front), Koo Bon-hak (former LG coach), and Shin Dong-hoon (former Lotte player).

The Futures coaching staff for the 2024 season includes Son Si-heon as manager, Kim Dong-ho as pitching coach, Kim Isul as bullpen coach, Oh Jun-hyuk as hitting coach, Yoon Jae-kook as offense and infield coach, Jeong Jin-sik as battery coach, Lee Hyung-sam and Yoon In-deuk as conditioning coaches, and Koo Bon-hak and Shin Dong-hoon as strength coaches.

The remaining staff will be led by pitching coach Yang Ji-hoon, 온라인카지노 fielding coach Lee Yoon-jae, and conditioning coach Kim Ki-tae. A defense coach will be appointed at a later date.

Meanwhile, SSG appointed Son Si-heon as the head coach of the Futures on the 2nd.

At the time, SSG said, “Son Si-heon is a former Doosan Shingo player who showed stable defense and excellent operational skills during his active career and was evaluated as a representative player of hustle play.”

“He was recognized for his leadership while serving as captain of Doosan and NC Dinos, and after his retirement, he served as a leader of young players while serving as a defensive coach. He has also been interested in the American farm system, which develops players based on sports science, and has been studying related fields,” explained the reason for the appointment of the second team coach.

Under Son’s leadership, the prospects have been in Kagoshima, Japan, for their final camp since July 1. The team, including Son, will return home on April 24.

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