“SON, more expensive body than 21 countries” Vietnamese media mouth…83 times the size of Nguyen

The Vietnamese press “Vietnam Express” reported on Thursday (Korea time) that Son Heung-min, the superstar of Korean soccer, is valued at 54.5 million dollars, which is higher than the value of the 21 national teams participating in the 2024 Asian Cup. The VNE cited “Transfermarkt,” a website specializing in European soccer transfers.

VNE said, “According to Transmit, Son is lower than Japan, Korea, and Iran. Son’s ransom is similar to that of Japanese winger Kauru Mitoma (Brighton). He is lower than his Korean counterparts Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich) and Japan’s Takefusa (Real Sociedad). They are the most expensive players in Asia.” 메이저 토토사이트

Japan ranks first with a total of 345.5 million dollars. The second place is the Korean national team. The second place is Iran with 210.4 million dollars. The third place is Iran with 56.2 million dollars. Individually, Kim Min-jae and Kubo are tied for first with 65.4 million dollars. Son Heung-min and Mitoma both ranked third with 54.5 million dollars. Australia was followed by Australia with 44.6 million dollars.

Kim Min-jae and Kubo are tied for first place, but the reason why Son Heung-min was named the title is presumed to be because of his recognition. Kim Min-jae and Kubo began to make their mark in Europe in the past year or two. On the other hand, Son has continued to play at the top of the league, scoring double-digit goals for eight consecutive seasons.

VNE said, “Among the top 20 players in this year’s event, Japan has 13 and Korea has four. The other three are Iranian strikers Mehdi Taremi (FC Porto), Sardar Azmun (AS Roma), and Australian defender Harry Souttar (Leicester City).” Vietnam avoided losing the last place. Hong Kong ranked the bottom with 6.5 million dollars. Vietnam ranked second at 6.6 million dollars.

VNE said, “The value of the Vietnamese national team is 52 times lower than that of Japan. Philippe Nguyen, the goalkeeper of the Vietnamese Czech Republic, is the highest paid in the team at 657,000 U.S. dollars. This is equivalent to about 10 percent of the Vietnamese national team’s value.” Son’s ransom is 83 times that of Nguyen.

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