Son Heung-min is the next level of Percy?Manchester United legend “SON, we need to recruit him now” claims

Manchester United legend Dwight Yorke insisted that Manchester United should give up Antony and recruit Son Heung-min. As Robin van Persie did in the past, York thinks Son Heung-min can have a huge influence on Manchester United. England’s “Team Talk” delivered York’s remarks, saying that York said that Manchester United should send out Antony and bring in Son Heung-min.

According to media outlets, York said, “When I think of the successful players at Manchester United, they all wanted to leave their names in the history of the club and to be part of the team. However, I don’t know if the players at Manchester United understand these words. It is not surprising that Kevin De Bruyne gave an assist in the 20th minute of his return match.”

“I’m still not surprised that Antony joined the club with 85 million euros (or 124 billion dollars) in transfer fees and the things he brought to the team. There are always question marks when a player is recruited for that amount of money. This is especially true when he plays for a club like Manchester United. Antony will know that he is not performing as well as he should. I feel sorry for him. But if things don’t work out, the responsibility lies with both the player and the club.”

York said Manchester United should sell Antony as soon as possible. “The club should let these players go as soon as possible. Otherwise, the club will be in the same situation every year,” he said, advising that Manchester United should make a firm decision not to repeat the same situation.

At the same time, York pointed out that Manchester United should recruit a new player to make up for its lack of attack. The player York mentioned was Tottenham Hotspur’s captain Son Heung-min. York recommended the recruitment of Son Heung-min, looking back on the case in which Van Persie, who was in his heyday in the past, left Arsenal and joined Manchester United for a short time.

York said, “Karim Benzema is a player who can provide a lot of experience to the team. However, Manchester United have already tried that strategy when they recruited Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani. This approach is still good for the players, but it is not necessary for Manchester United. Manchester United needs to recruit players who can bring changes to the team like Son,” referring to Son.

Just like Van Persie did, Son Heung-min claimed the recruitment could be helpful to Manchester United. York said, “Sometimes signing an old player works, sometimes doesn’t. Sir Alex Ferguson had a lot of experience in football, so he brought in Van Persie and knew what to do. Recruitment of Van Persie was no surprise to anyone. We all knew what he was capable of,” looking back on the case of recruiting Van Persie. 토토사이트 추천

Van Persie made headlines when he moved to Manchester United after reaching his prime at Arsenal. Many Arsenal fans hoped that Van Persie, who chose to move to Manchester United, would be sluggish, but contrary to the wishes of Arsenal fans, he scored 26 Premier League goals immediately after his move to Manchester United, playing a leading role in Manchester United’s most recent Premier League victory.

York also seems to have thought that Son Heung-min could play the same role as Van Persie at Manchester United. Son Heung-min is still showing off his scoring ability even at the age of 30. This season alone, Son Heung-min is leading Tottenham’s attack by scoring 12 goals and five assists in 20 league matches.

Of course, his reputation is good. Alessdair Gold, a member of Football London in the U.K. and a special reporter for Tottenham, rated Tottenham players’ performance this season as of now. Gold gave a perfect score of 10, just like the general score.

Tottenham’s “captain” Son Heung-min received a perfect score, or 10 points. Gold said, “He proudly assumed the captaincy of Tottenham and was a true leader of Tottenham both on and off the field. He laid the foundation for Tottenham as a star player and enjoyed the responsibility he felt as much as he wore the captain’s armband. Son scored 12 goals and five assists in the Premier League. He has formed a great partnership with James Maddison, and it is interesting to see the partnership between the two players,” explaining why he gave Son a high evaluation.

“Son Heung-min’s participation in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup is a big loss for coach Anji Postecoglou,” Gold said, adding that it is a team loss for Son to participate in the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup and be away for about a month.

No one can refute the claim that Son Heung-min is Tottenham’s best player this season. Son has led Tottenham’s attack by scoring 12 goals and five assists in the league so far, the most points scored in Tottenham. At the beginning of the season, he was responsible for Tottenham’s attack by showing good teamwork with Madison, and even when Madison was injured and the burden increased, Son Heung-min did his part silently.

He also played an excellent role as a captain. Son, who was appointed as Tottenham’s new captain prior to the start of the season, displayed leadership both on and off the field and received full support from his players. His long experience as captain of the national team shone all over the club as well. Son’s friendly leadership unique to him was highlighted and attracted attention in the U.K. as well. Son also attributed his leadership to his players, saying, “The reason his leadership is drawing attention is because there are good players around him.”

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