“SON can’t win with just one!” Tottenham’s senior player appeals, should recruit additional goalscorers and center backs

British media “Football London” said on the 9th (Korea Standard Time) that “Former Spurs goalkeeper Brad Friedel talked about whether Tottenham could win the Premier League title.” Friedel reported that Tottenham should strengthen two positions through the January transfer market if they want to continue their title challenge.

It’s the central striker and the center back. These are Tottenham’s two vulnerable positions. The main player is certain, but the backup is poor. Compared to the midfield, the front and rear players are shallow.

The defense has no reliable players other than Christian Romero and Mickey Vanderben. Half of the strikers are injured. Brennan Johnson, Mano Solomon and Ivan Perisic left the line. It is only Son Heung-min, Hishali Song and Dejan Klusevski.

Friedel said: “I think Tottenham still need someone else’s goal more. It’s the best if Hishallisong does it,” he said. 스포츠토토

Son has six goals through the eighth round of the Premier League. Hishalisson and Kluszewski have fallen short of expectations. In fact, Hishal Song was a central striker, but he switched positions with Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min is showing a scarier scoring ability in the middle. It means that Hishalisson needs to work hard or a new striker.

Friedel said, “When the Christmas period comes and the FA Cup starts, the schedule becomes difficult. consume a lot of physical strength. There are more tricky games. Looking back on the great teams in the past, there was a player who helped them overcome a difficult game well. “It’s fortunate that Son Heung-min is in charge of scoring, but we need someone else in the future,” he analyzed.

In other words, it is difficult for Son Heung-min to win the championship alone. Tottenham ranks first in the middle with six wins and two draws until the eighth round. Son Heung-min cannot play all the games full time. Son Heung-min has already been replaced in around 70 minutes for three consecutive games and is under management.

“When you think about the depth of the squad and the rotation, you have to have more center backs,” Friedel said. Van Derben and Romero are playing well, but if they are injured, they need a good player,” he said.

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