Shaking hands and suddenly punching → Turning around and swearing…an atmospheric youth game

Sports Bible, a sports media outlet, reported on the 2nd (Korea time) that “the captain of Atletico Madrid’s under-12 team is making headlines with the fiercest pre-match handshakes ahead of the match against Real Madrid.” Atletico and Real Madrid are rivals based in Madrid, and the rivalry between the two teams can be seen by age group. Last weekend, a pre-match video of Atletico’s under-12 team against Real Madrid’s under-12 team suddenly became a hot topic of conversation.

The video made headlines because of the way the Atletico Madrid captain shook hands with the opposing team’s players. When the two players shook hands before kick-off, the Atletico Madrid captain was seen hitting a player’s hand and then turning towards the player and swearing again. The Real Madrid player did not respond and continued to hug the rest of the Atletico Madrid players in a much more friendly manner. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Fans who watched the video left interesting reactions. One fan wrote, “Simeone’s influence lasted all the way.” Others criticized Simeone, the current Atletico Madrid coach, with reactions such as “the future Atletico Madrid captain I have seen,” “Atletico’s captain who inherited Simeone’s spirit from an early age,” and “Diego Simeone teaching young players.”

In the end, Atletico Madrid won the youth Madrid derby 2-1. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid’s senior team will play a crucial La Liga match against Girona on the 4th (Korea time). Girona is tied with Real Madrid with 45 points from 18 games in the 2023/24 season, and is a sensation behind Real Madrid in goal difference alone. Atletico Madrid, which is currently in third place, must win this match to narrow its lead and points.

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