Seoul dedicated an equalizer to Edgar, tied with Daegu…Ulsan took Jeonbuk with Um Won-sang’s winning goal

Seoul tied 2-2 against Daegu FC in the 27th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 19th. Seoul, which faced a 3-4 shock loss in the previous away match against Daejeon Hana Citizen, sought a turnaround, but Daegu, which had to break the tie with three draws and two losses in five recent games, drew, but increased its memory of forgetting to win to six games. On the 11th, the closing ceremony of the Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree competition was held at the same venue, and controversy over grass damage erupted as a K-pop concert was held on the ground. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said it will invest a large budget to restore it urgently so that it will not interfere with the match against Daegu. 바카라사이트넷

However, the grass that I checked before the game was not even. Although emergency feeding was done, it was far from flat. Usually, a soft ground ball pass rolled with a bouncy bounce. Na Sang-ho and Lee Keun-ho, who like dribbling, also had a hard time. The balance between the two teams who fought the variable was broken in the first eight minutes. Han Seung-kyu’s shot from the right side of the arc deflected off Hong Jung-woon’s foot, hit the right post and goalkeeper Oh Seung-hoon one after another, and was deflected into the net. The record was an own goal by Hong Jung-woon.

Daegu, the epitome of a concise counterattack, represented by click football, tasted a goal in the set piece. In the 24th minute, Cesinha’s right side free kick was put on his foot by Cho Jin-woo overcoming the defensive competition and Lee Keun-ho put it in with his head. Referee Cho Ji-eum declared Lee Keun-ho’s goalkeeper, Baek Jong-beom, a charging foul, but conducted a video review (VAR). At Lee Keun-ho’s header point, Lee Han-beom, who was behind, pushed, and Lee Keun-ho seemed to have pushed Baek Jong-beom, and it was corrected to a goal.

The flow broke again in the 41st minute. Seoul got a free kick outside the left side of the penalty area. Kim Shin-jin, Han Seung-kyu and Palosevic shouted that they would kick each other for the goal. In the process, Han Seung-kyu and Palosevic appeared to be fighting. In the end, Palosevic gave up, and Kim Shin-jin’s low kick passed between Park Se-jin’s two legs and split the right corner of the net. It was impressive to see Palosevic and Kim Shin-jin liking each other during the ceremony.

2-1, the second half began with Seoul ahead. Daegu took out Lee Keun-ho and put in a tall Edgar. His intention to aim for a goal with height was clearly seen. The fight for each other’s mistakes continued, and shots rarely came out. Seoul put Lee Si-young and Kim Jin-ya in the 17th minute, excluding Willian and Lee Tae-seok. Daegu also brought Hong Chul and Cho Jin-woo to the bench and responded with Keita and Kim Kang-san. In the 24th minute, Ko Jae-hyun fell and shot, but it flew over the net.

The long-awaited goal was scored by Daegu. In the 36th minute, Cesinha’s overhead ball from the left side of the arc, Edgar overcame a competition with a defender from the right side of the goal area and scored a goal with a header shot. Nearly 1,000 away fans from Daegu cheered and shouted “We are Daegu.” The extra time was six minutes, the time of the winning goal. Seoul even put Ji Dong-won on the offensive, but it was not easy. The last corner kick also disappeared and the game ended as it was.

Meanwhile, Ulsan Hyundai laughed in the Hyundai Derby. Ulsan won 1-0 against Jeonbuk Hyundai Lego Paek at Munsu Football Stadium. Goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo defended Jeonbuk’s shot, and Um Won-sang did not miss Lee Chung-yong’s pass in the 26th minute of the second half and scored the winning goal.

The stadium was visited by 30,756 spectators, the largest number since the conversion of paid spectators, and enjoyed soccer on a hot summer night. It was a figure that proved Ulsan’s soccer fever, which has increased in spectators since winning last year. Ulsan reached 60 points, 14 points behind the second-place Pohang Steelers (46 points). Jeonbuk (41 points) still missed a chance to go higher in the aftermath of the slump at the beginning of the season.

Suwon FC came from behind to win 2-1 against Gangwon FC at Gangneung Stadium. Gangwon took the lead with Kang Doo-ji’s first goal in the 20th minute of the first half. Suwon FC balanced in the third minute of the second half when Lee Seung-woo, who recently plays as a central midfielder, scored his fifth goal in the league, and Yoon Bit-garam’s right corner kick in extra time fell inside the penalty area and scored the winning goal. Suwon FC, which scored 26 points, continued in 10th place, while Gangwon (20 points) failed to rebound from the last place.

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