SBC Wadjdan Thrives in Latin America

Wadjdan, an innovative game provider, recently embarked on an unforgettable journey at an SBC Latin America event. Held in the vibrant city of Miami, this premier gathering for iGaming professionals provided a special platform for Wadjdan to connect, engage, and reveal the latest innovations.

The Wazdan team was very happy to participate in this prestigious event, which brought together famous people from the world of iGaming. In a warm and engaging place, our representatives had a pleasant meeting with industry leaders, built new partnerships, and shared insights with like-minded professionals.

One of the highlights of Wazdan’s participation in SBC Latin America was the overwhelming attention generated by the latest game title, Los Muertos II. This fascinating and exhilarating slot game attracted a lot of attention for its immersive gameplay and spine-chilling gameplay, was well received by the contestants, and Wazdan’s dedication to providing a state-of-the-art gaming experience was well received by the contestants and made a lasting impression on the event.

Wazdan also has the opportunity to showcase an attractive network promotion with a total prize of $2.65 million. This incredible initiative showcases Wazdan’s efforts to reward players and drive engagement within the iGaming community, and offers a range of exciting promotions and bonuses that allow players to return for more. 온라인경마

Michal Imiolek, CEO of Wazdan, said, “The atmosphere in SBC Latin America was infested with enthusiasm, and Wazdan’s team accepted the energy sincerely. As industry pioneers, we see these events as invaluable opportunities to connect with our colleagues and stay at the forefront of the iGaming environment.”

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