Save king who wants to be home run king, maybe his dream will become a reality

After completing his dream and challenge to become a major leaguer, he returned to Korea and was nominated by the SK Wyverns, and he did not miss his talent, where both pitchers and batters are possible. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who was the head coach at the time, persuaded Ha Jae-hoon, who had turned into a fielder, to return to the pitcher.

And that year, he becomes the KBO league’s save king. In 61 games, he played five wins, three losses, 36 saves, and a 1.98 ERA. He pitched boldly with his unique strength. Best personality for a closer. Best closer in the league and ranked No. 1 in league saves. 슬롯머신

But happiness didn’t last long. Continuous pain and injuries plagued Ha Jae-hoon, and he ended pitcher Ha Jae-hoon after taking the mound (no runs in ⅓ innings) on July 6, 2021.

And last season was the first year that Ha Jae-hoon turned into a batter again. My condition is not complete yet, and my senses have not fully returned. He played 114 at-bats in 60 games. He has six home runs and a batting average of . It was never a satisfactory performance. Ha Jae-hoon also said, “I was confident because I was a batter. But the persimmon didn’t come back faster than I thought,” he said, frustrating himself. A position to watch the game from the bench. I had no choice but to have a lot.

SSG won the championship last year, but Ha Jae-hoon was not in a situation to enjoy the lingering feeling of the championship for a long time. As soon as the Korean Series was over, he joined Geelong Korea on a plane and played in the Australian league throughout the offseason. He offered to go to the club’s proposal, returned time with his family and vacation, and hung on to baseball. He asked the Geelong Korea coaching staff to play at bat as many times as possible instead of defensive play, and spent the offseason like that.

In the spring camp, Ha Jae-hoon was the fastest player in the team along with Choo Shin-soo and the earliest to start the exercise. However, like a joke of fate, he fractured his shoulder while making a diving catch in a practice game at the end of the spring camp. In vain, he failed to join the opening game entry.

And he returned on May 25 with a monster resilience, and as soon as he returned, he hit a double and a home run the next day, signaling a spectacular report. However, less than a month after his return, he broke his finger while stealing. It was a bolt out of the blue, but Ha Jae-hoon did not give up. While staying at the accommodation of the Ganghwa second-tier team, he continued to focus on recovery and rehabilitation again.

And he returned to the first team in a month, much earlier than expected. On the first day of his return, Ha Jae-hoon showed off the possibility of being a “baseball genius” by making two hits in three at-bats (one double) and walking two steals.

At the end of the 2023 season, when batter Ha Jae-hoon once again confirmed his chances of success, he proudly listed himself in the team’s postseason semi-playoff first-round starting lineup. In the first game against the NC Dinos on the 22nd, manager Kim Won-hyung chose Ha Jae-hoon as the sixth batter and right fielder. There was a reason why veteran senior Choo Shin-soo was excluded, but now Ha Jae-hoon is a reliable outfielder and major hitter. “It’s my first time in the postseason starting lineup, but what’s the difference. I have to do it the same way as usual. Ha Jae-hoon, who was saying, “If you try to do it differently, you can’t do it anymore,” hit an “accident” against Lee Yong-chan in the last at-bat in the ninth inning. Unfortunately, the team lost, but if SSG turned the tables, Ha Jae-hoon would have been the best contributor.

After relocating to the batter, Ha Jae-hoon said, “I’ve been the save king as a pitcher, so now I’ll try to be the home run king as a batter. If you’re a man, shouldn’t you have that much ambition?” he challenged. His dream may become a reality.

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