“Rumors of constant reunification with LAD” Ryu Hyun-jin is looking for seven to eight clubs alone. He is suitable as a 4th or 5th starter wherever he goes

“For years, this pitcher from Korea was recognized as a player who could not take the mound. However, when he took the mound again, he was completely overwhelmed,” said Will Leitch, who wrote the article. “At that time in 2019, he recorded an ERA of 2.32 in 29 games, ranking second in voting for the NL Cy Young Award.” He then secured a substantial four-year contract with Toronto. Although he has suffered from numerous injuries and decline in power since then, he can still show some practical value if he is carefully managed. In October, I mean, throughout this season, I will remember that the Dodgers need to strengthen their starting lineup.”

Ryu joined the Dodgers in 2013 for a six-year, 36 million-dollar contract, and pitched for seven seasons. After recovering from his injury in the second half of 2018, he pitched in nine games with an ERA of 1.88, and when he first became an FA, he accepted a qualifying offer of 17.9 million dollars, and pitched for one more season with the Dodgers in 2019. According to the strategy of his agent Scott Boras, he strongly valued 2019. 메이저 토토사이트

As reporter Leitch mentioned, Ryu Hyun-jin ran a career high as a strong NL Cy Young Award candidate, maintaining a one-point ERA until mid-August 2019. Although he failed to win his first Cy Young Award from Asia by allowing New York Mets Jacob deGrom to turn the tables, he hit the jackpot by signing a four-year, $80 million contract with Toronto in the FA market later that year.

This is his third time as a free agent. Given his age in his mid-30s and elbow surgery experience, he can hardly afford to guarantee a multi-year contract of more than two years. However, Boras told local media at the Major League General Manager’s meeting early last month that many Major League teams contacted him, showing keen interest in him. “I will throw the ball in the Major League next year,” he said in expressing confidence.

In particular, Boras emphasized that multiple teams are looking for two or more starting pitchers, hinting that there is considerable demand for Ryu. The Dodgers is also one of the teams that absolutely lacks starting pitchers.

Only Walker Buehler and Bobby Miller have been confirmed as starters for the Dodgers next year. Two of the remaining three spots will likely have to be filled by outside recruitment. Among the candidates for the ace are Yoshinobu Yamamoto, a Japanese pitcher, and Blake Snell, winner of this year’s NL Cy Young Award. Ryu Hyun-jin is a good candidate for the fourth and fifth starting pitchers.

However, Dodgers is not the only team that is interested in Ryu. CBS Sports cited enhanced rotation as the second of the “San Diego Padres’ off-season tasks” and said, “Joe Musgrove and Darvish U are the only starting pitchers next year.” Matt Waldron and Pedro Avila could also be considered candidates for rotation in the long run, but it would be foolish to expect that and face next year’s opening game with the current rotation. Lucas Giolito, James Paxton, Ryu Hyun-jin, Michael Lorenzen and Martin Verez could be the starting candidates for the Padres.”

In addition to the Dodgers and San Diego Padres, there are seven to eight other teams mentioned in relation to Ryu this offseason, including the Kansas City Royals, the Boston Red Sox, the Detroit Tigers, the Atlanta Braves, and the New York Mets. On top of that, the possibility of renewing his contract with his original Toronto Blue Jays has not completely disappeared.

What is clear is that Ryu Hyun-jin’s demand is likely not to be a bubble. Most of the local media are offering more than $10 million a year for the expected size of Ryu Hyun-jin’s FA contract.

In addition to Ryu Hyun-jin and Dodgers, reporter Leitch cited Elvis Andrews-Texas Rangers, Adolis Chapman-Cincinnati Reds, Josh Donaldson-Oakland Athletics, Rich Hill-Chicago Cubs, Craig Kimbrel-Atlanta Braves, Evan Longoria-Tampa Bay Rays, Carlos Santana-Cland Guardians, Justin Turner-New York Mets, and Michael Waka-St. Louis Cardinals as combinations expected to reunite this winter.

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