“Ronaldo and Messi cannot be compared…Messi is from another planet,” Mikel with a tongue in cheek

John Obi Mikel, who played in the English Premier League (EPL), ruled in favor of Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) in the Meho match.

The British media “Mirror” reported on the 19th, “Mikel said Messi was better than Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nasr).”

Mikel took off his soccer shoes in 2021 after playing for Chelsea, Stoke City, and Tianjin Teda (currently Tianjin Jinmenhu) as an active player. In particular, he has played for Chelsea for about 11 years and won two leagues, one UEFA Champions League (UCL), one Europa League, and four FA Cups.

Mikel, who competed on the best stage for a long time, also faced Ronaldo and Messi. He also had a firm opinion of the Meho War.

Mikel, who said, “I’m a fan of Messi,” recalled, “When I faced Manchester United where Ronaldo was, I knew Ashley Cole had the ability to stop Ronaldo.” At the same time, he said, “When I faced FC Barcelona where Messi is, I said ‘Oh My God’ and only talked about Messi all week.”

Mikel said, “I couldn’t stop Messi one-on-one. “It was impossible,” he said. “He had to have two or three defenders.” “The only purpose of Barcelona’s play and moving the ball was to pass to Messi,” he recalled, “When Messi caught the ball, everyone ran to him.” 온라인경마

Mikel continued to explain why it was difficult to stop Messi. “The way Messi touches the ball, the way he passes, is too difficult,” he said. “Our game plan was to kick Messi and make him fall off the ball.”

“I couldn’t take the ball off of Messi or get close enough,” he said, adding, “If I thought he was there, he disappeared soon.” He added, “It was the only way we could stop Messi.”

“I don’t think Messi and Ronaldo can be compared,” said Mikel, “I think Messi is from another planet. “I think he is a good player,” he said, expressing respect for Messi.

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