Reflex game and Igdrasil delve into Anubis Double Max’s secret ancient mystery

Reflex Gaming, an omnichannel provider of gambling games, and Yggdrasil Gaming, a leading iGgdrasil Gaming publisher, have come together to discover ancient Egyptian engimas in their recently released Secret of Anubis DoubleMax.

Adapted from Reflex Gaming’s popular land game, this interactive 5×3 reel slot revolves around Anubis, the god of Egypt’s afterlife. The title features a pop and drop cascade mechanic, with one or more wild symbols added before the other falls. Ygdrasil’s DoubleMax mechanic also features an unlimited multiplier, with every cascade since then doubling in value with each victory cascade.

The sandstorm bonus, which can occur at any time after spin during basic gameplay, starts the cascade of removing icons from the reel to form a clear victory. 파친코

When three scattering symbols land, a pre-spin bonus is triggered, awarding 7 to 13 pre-spins and giving you the opportunity to gamble on more spins in a ‘everyone or nothing’ mini game. During the pre-spin bonus, the winning multiplier continues to be generated and is reset only at the end of the function.

Players can choose a 25% bet to double their odds of triggering a free spin or pay a stake x100 to buy 7 free spin bonuses.

Anubis’ secret DoubleMax is powered by Igdrasil’s state-of-the-art technology, GATI, which enables partners to continuously produce and quickly distribute the latest content using standardized development toolkits that conform to preconfigured regulations.

Mark McGinley, Yggdrasil’s chief gaming officer, said, “The secret of Anubis Double Max features a pop-and-drop cascade, combining it with Double Max GEM to create an incredibly lucrative combination while exploring the iconic themes of ancient Egypt.”

Matt Ingram, chief product officer of Reflex Games, added, “The secret of Anubis Double Max is the perfect package featuring dynamic dynamics. With a maximum chance of winning more than 20,000 times that of betting, this math is a proven formula that players enjoy.”

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