References to LAD and STL, Expected Ransom of 31.3 Billion

Will LG Twins be able to advance to the Major League where Ko Woo-suk (25) was allowed to post? Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals, which have ties with Korean players, are connecting with Ko.

St. Louis local media “Belville News-Democrat” mentioned Ko Woo-suk on the 28th (Korea time) by reporting the contract agreement between St. Louis and starting pitcher Sonny Gray.

The media said, “The Cardinals will now switch to adding relief options in the FA market. Japanese left-hander Yuki Matsui and Korean right-hander Ko Woo-suk are among their goals.” and other U.S. media reported on Wednesday that Gray agreed to a three-year, 75 million-dollar contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. Gray played for Minnesota this year and recorded eight wins, eight losses and a 2.79 ERA in 32 games. He recorded 98 wins, 85 losses and a 3.47 ERA in 279 games in the Major League. 온라인경마

Along with Gray, St. Louis can rotate starting pitchers Kyle Gibson, Lance Lynn, Michael Mykolas, and Steve Mats, who signed last week. St. Louis, where Oh Seung-hwan and Kim Kwang-hyun played in the past, seems to be interested in Ko Woo-suk to reinforce the bullpen.

Earlier on the 26th, “St. Louis showed interest in Ko Woo-suk. Ko Woo-suk seems to have major league-level abilities. Fastballs remained in the middle of 90 miles and were recorded up to 98 miles. He could be a top prospect in the middle of the game,” he predicted.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, which Korean fans are familiar with, is also connected to Ko Woo-suk. The Dodgers Way, which deals with Dodgers news, covered Ko in detail on the 27th. The Dodgers Way said, “Korea Enclosure Ko Woo-suk is underrated among FA players that the Dodgers are looking for.”

“President Andrew Friedman needs to strengthen the starting rotation and bullpen. There is no other pitcher in Korea like Ko Woo-suk who has been allowed to post to the Major League as a gem that has been underestimated for reinforcing the bullpen,” the media said. “He has faced 334 batters in 275 ⅓ innings for the past five seasons in the KBO. Now, he is only 25 years old, and he is expected to be able to pay 24 million dollars on a three-year contract. The annual average is 8 million dollars, which can be a gamble like Daniel Hudson. 9 million dollars? The Dodgers could pay 10 million dollars,” he predicted.

The media added, “It depends on how much the scouts who watched Ko Woo-suk like his fastball and curve.”

It is expected to be a media outlet that deals with the news of the club, but Major League clubs’ interest in Ko Woo-seok, who was suddenly asked to check the status of the Major League club and was allowed to post, is expected to gradually increase.

Ko Woo-suk was asked by the Major League club on the 14th. KBO said on the 15th, “I received a request for an identification check on LG’s Ko Woo-suk from the Major League Baseball secretariat on the 14th. I have notified him that I belong to the LG Twins.”

Ko Woo-suk, who joined LG in 2017, played for seven seasons until this season. The number of days registered in the first year of his debut in 2017 was 100 days, which is less than the one season standard (145 days) required to become an FA, but he filled the number of compensation days by playing for the national team in international competitions. He has completed seven seasons of his ability to play overseas through the posting system.

After receiving a Major League check, Ko asked LG to allow him to enter the Major League through posting, which allowed him to do so. “I asked Ko to try posting. We need to see how much interest he has in the Major League. I asked him to give it a try and talk to the club again when he finds a satisfactory amount of money,” Cha said.

Ko has posted an earned run average of 3.18 with 19 wins, 26 losses, 139 saves, and six holds in seven seasons so far this year. He won the title of save by setting the LG Twins record (42 saves) last year. This year, he had 44 games with three wins, eight losses and 15 saves with an earned run average of 3.68.

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