“Proud” or “Silly”…Coach who was beaten back as a winger of 117.5 billion won → If the player just bowed his head, it would be ‘OK’…

Sungho Kim Reporter] I don’t know if Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United in the English Premier League, has to make a really difficult choice. You have to decide whether or not to accept the demands of the new owner to take over Manchester United. If you accept it, you will not speak to the players in the future. If he refuses, he may have to leave the team.

British media say they will soon complete the acquisition of Manchester United for the Jim Ratcliffe game. Although he only has 25% of the stake, he plans to manage the club himself, beating the current owners of the Glazers brothers.

As soon as Sir Ratcliffe joins Manchester United’s management, the first thing to do is replace Ten Haq. British media report that the media plans to dismiss Ten Haq and recruit Brighton and Hove Albion coach Roberto DeGerby.

However, businessman Lord Ratcliffe may suggest Ten Hag’s stay. It is none other than a suggestion to Ten Haach to accept Jadon Sancho, who is embedded with hate hair.

This proposal is actually a really, really difficult one for Ten Hag. Ten Ha-ha, who beat world star Cristiano Ronaldo in November last year, is in trouble when he asks him to embrace Sancho again.

In September, Ten Hag publicly criticized Sancho for his training and removed him from the roster. However, Sancho publicly posted a statement on social media refuting the manager’s decision. It was a public protest. 스포츠토토

Ten hach excluded him from the first team squad and prevented him from entering the training ground. They were not allowed to eat together. I’m trying to sell him during the January transfer window.

However, businessman Lord Ratcliffe says he is looking for a solution to the Sancho crisis and will persuade the winger to stay. Of course, there are conditions. Sancho apologizes to manager Ten Haq.

If Cinchow apologizes and Ten Haq accepts it, Sir Ratcliffe will not replace Ten Haq, the Daily Star reports. Sir Ratcliffe paid 73 million pounds (W117.5 billion) to sign Sancho. However, I think I can’t give up Sancho after losing money for the first time in two years. Sancho is a player who is potentially capable of becoming Manchester United’s asset, and it is not desirable to lend or give it at a low price due to a disagreement with the manager.

So the Daily Star reports that Sir Ratcliffe and Eric Ten Hag are likely to be accompanied for some time. Of course, it is only if Sancho sincerely apologizes.

The problem is that things get complicated if Sancho shows no signs of remorse. Ten Hag can’t accept Sancho. Sancho, who has been thoroughly shadowed for the past three months or 15 days, does not allow pride to bring him back to the squad without an apology. Then there is the possibility that Lord Ratcliffe will replace Ten Hag and leave Sancho behind.

Ten Hag also wants to manage Manchester United longer with Sir Ratcliffe than with his replacement. Will Ratcliffe, Ten Haah, and Sancho be able to untangle the tangled thread? Suddenly, Sancho seems to be holding the handle of the knife, not Ten Haq.

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