“Preparing to recruit No. 3″ Tottenham is close to completing the recruitment of Dragucin → Chelsea MF contract…”Planning to make Pochettino angry”

Tottenham’s transfer window this winter was already going as planned. Following the impending recruitment of Radu Dragucine, the team is also pushing ahead with its next move. European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano said on Wednesday (Korea time) that Dragucine will sign a contract soon. He conducted a medical test at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Romano previously reported on the 10th that “Dragushin is going to Tottenham” and said, “Tottenham reached an agreement with an offer of over 30 million euros overnight after the new bid. Jed Spence will also join Genoa on loan, and Dragushin wanted Tottenham, and he also succeeded in reaching a personal agreement with Bayern Munich’s bid,” adding that Tottenham confirmed the signing of Dragushin.

Dragushin is a former Juventus youth team who has continued his career through loan spells. His potential is in full bloom. After signing a loan spell last season, he moved to the club completely and has been active in Genoa’s defense for two consecutive seasons. Dragushin plans to sign a contract with Tottenham until 2029, and according to news reports, Tottenham’s proposed salary is expected to more than triple from 930,000 euros (W1.3 billion) previously offered by Genoa.

Having succeeded in recruiting Dragucine, Tottenham will announce its second transfer window this winter. Having officially announced the signing of Timo Werner as a loanee on Thursday, Tottenham reinforced enough resources for offense and defense by banking on Dragucine.

The center back is also what coach Enze Postecoglou hoped for, saying, “I wrote a letter to Santa.” The attack also increased the depth by bringing in Werner because there were not enough players to play during Son Heung-min’s departure to the Asian Cup, and he also needed to recruit a player who could create synergy with Son in the long run.

There is only one remaining task. This is the midfield where Yves Vissouma and Pape Sarr have left. Sarr and Vissouma will participate in the Africa Cup of Nations. The two players, who will represent Senegal and Mali at the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast, are likely to leave Tottenham before the Cup of Nations, which kicks off on Jan. 13, as key players for their respective teams. Senegal was in the same group as Cameroon, Guinea, and the Gambia, while Mali was in the same group as Tunisia, South Africa, and Namibia.

The two players have been at the heart of Tottenham’s midfield this season. Postecoglou’s departure is painful as he showed great faith in the team as they started the season. Rodrigo Bentancur is generally capable of playing, but it does not seem to be the resource that Postecoglou wants perfectly. Pierre-Emile Hoibierre, Oliver Skipp and Giovanni Locello are being proposed for transfer.

In addition, considering the unexpected exit and injury issues of the two players, recruitment of the midfield is inevitable. Bissouma is the second to be sent off this season. Tottenham should also prepare for his unexpected departure as there are accumulated warnings and direct exits. Sarr is still a young age and needs management because of injury concerns.

The player who is paying keen attention to Tottenham is Conor Gallagher, who is serving as Chelsea’s interim captain. The British Express reported on the 11th (Korea time) that Tottenham is moving forward with a plan to make Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino angry.

“Tottenham will likely bring even more misery to Pochettino by signing Gallagher, Chelsea’s most important player this season. Postecoglou is pushing ahead with plans to sign Chelsea’s midfielder with huge spending this month,” the Express said, expressing Tottenham’s interest in signing Gallagher.

This is not the first time Tottenham is interested in recruiting Gallagher. He had been on the list all along ahead of this winter’s transfer window, and even during last summer’s transfer window, Tottenham wanted to recruit Gallagher, but it failed.

Gallagher, who had been active only in Chelsea since the youth team, played a key role in the team’s midfield this season and has become a team leader. While new midfielders such as Enso Fernandez and Moises Caicedo are struggling due to huge investment in transfer fees, Gallagher has become indispensable to Mauricio Pochettino’s team. He also replaced Reece James as captain and displayed leadership. Nevertheless, Chelsea has not ruled out a sale of Gallagher, who was contracted until the summer of 2025.

“I can’t guarantee that Gallagher will still be with us after tomorrow,” Pochettino said in a recent interview. “Anything can happen in football, which is a matter between the club and the player. Only the players and the club can guarantee this. With only about a year and a half left on his contract, it is up to the players rather than the club. He could stay. However, he only makes the best decision for the team and the players,” Pochettino said, explaining that it is up to him to decide what decision to make. 파친코

In the end, as Gallagher and Chelsea did not renew their contracts, and Pochettino also expressed doubts about whether they would stay, Tottenham seems to be more actively pursuing plans to reinforce the midfield by recruiting Gallagher.

The Express said: ‘Chelsea need defensive reinforcement and additional reinforcement, as they demand a player number nine. This requires sales. Tottenham are seeking to recruit Gallagher, and have hinted that Chelsea will consider selling him rather than renewing his contract with Gallagher to raise funds. Gallagher is at the top of the list of Tottenham midfielder candidates, and his departure will take a toll on Pochettino.’

If even Gallagher is recruited by Tottenham, it is safe to say that it is actually a perfect transfer market. It is an opportunity to become a candidate for the championship once again in the second half by embracing all players in the positions they need. However, it is not easy to conclude negotiations immediately because there are reports that Chelsea will demand a large amount of money from Gallagher’s transfer fee.

Tottenham’s transfer market, which is flowing quickly, is now planning to recruit the third one. Attention is also focusing on whether Gallagher will be able to complete the transfer market as Postecoglou plans while wearing Tottenham’s uniform.

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