Pepper, which conducted a ‘trine indicator defense experiment’, makes a U-turn to the Korean system

Women’s professional volleyball team Pepper Savings Bank (7 points, 2 wins, 18 losses), which had attempted to improve its constitution on a large scale this season, has begun to adjust the pace.Pepper Savings Bank announced a change ahead of this season, recruiting former U.S. national team coach Joe Tringe and national team striker Park Jeong-ah, but as of now, it has been on the verge of last place for three consecutive seasons since its founding.In particular, the biggest problem is that the basic defense is unstable, ranking last in both receiving efficiency (29.27%) and defense per set (24.855).In the end, Coach Trinsey said ahead of the GS Caltex match held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 2nd, “It must have been difficult for the players because the defensive system I am pursuing is different from the system they have played so far,” and “We will reduce the burden by playing with the defensive system the players are familiar with.” “I want to give it to you,” he said. Coach Tringe confessed, “Some players expressed the opinion that ‘the defensive system we are pursuing seems to be beyond our capabilities,’” and explained, “(In the future) we plan to focus the change on offense rather than defense.”According to the volleyball world on the 3rd, Coach Tringe has reportedly been ordering his players to play ‘unpredictable defense’.For example, even if the player in position 1 (right of the back row) moves into the front line to provide blocking support, the player in position 6 (center of the back row) should not move to the right in advance.

In existing Korean volleyball, it was common for players to prepare for an attack by moving in that direction in advance when there was an empty space around them.However, Coach Tringe is said to have given instructions to accurately check the direction of the opponent’s ball and move, considering that if you move first, you may be caught in a reverse action and your stamina may be high.Regarding this, one official commented, “This method may be possible for foreign players because they are tall, but it is difficult for Korean players who are short.”In the end, the Pepper Savings Bank players also expressed difficulties with this defensive system, and Coach Tringe also accepted this.Attention is being paid to whether Pepper Savings Bank, which found a difficult compromise, will be able to stabilize the receiving line and sequentially improve set accuracy and attack success rate.Pepper Savings Bank ranks last in the league in both correct sets per set (12.447) and attack success rate (32.06%).Of course, strengthening the defensive capabilities of outside hitters such as Park Jeong-ah, Lee Han-bi, and Park Eun-seo, who are responsible for the receiving line, is also required.The direction of change that Coach Tringe requires in the offensive department and the 스포츠토토존 players’ performance capabilities are also variables.

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