K-pop boy band P1Harmony performs the group's latest lead single, 'Killin' It,' during a press event at YES24 Live Hall, Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul, Monday. Yonhap

P1Harmony has emerged as a sensation on a global scale despite debuting during the COVID-19 pandemic. The boy band, set to enchant the hearts of K-pop fans worldwide, has returned with a full-length album titled “Killin’ It.” The band garnered worldwide acclaim and a spot on the Billboard charts with its initiatives to capture the hearts of music fans under quarantine amid the pandemic after its debut in 2020.The sextet marked a milestone in 2021 with its sixth mini-album, “HARMONY: ALL IN,” with the album securing the 51st place on the Billboard 200 chart. The group also recently concluded a world tour, meeting fans in 39 cities worldwide casinositekingcom .During Monday’s press event held to celebrate the new album’s release at YES24 Live Hall in Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul, P1Harmony’s Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob shared their thoughts on the group’s continuing international popularity.” It was surreal and joyful to achieve something we only imagined, like being on the Billboard chart,” Intak said. Keeho said, “Growing up in Canada, I used to follow the Billboard charts and hearing that our album made it there did not feel real.” The new album’s eponymous track, “Killin It,” encapsulates the band’s aspiration to save the world through music as an unsung hero. The track, infused with TR-808-style bass sounds and the members’ raps, pays homage to ’90s hip-hop.

Jongseob participated in writing the lyrics for all 10 songs in the album, including the title track. Keeho, Jiung and Intak also contributed to making the album.The members said they are proud of themselves for participating in producing the album.” Since all the members were born in the 2000s, it was challenging for us to understand ’90s hip-hop fully, but we tried to incorporate our unique and fresh interpretation,” Jiung said .Intak said the band focused on showcasing “personal growth.” “We thought about how we could express our emotions through music and wrote lyrics that people would find deeply moving,” he said. The visual concept for “Killin’ It” is another element the members put their utmost effort into, for which they drew inspiration from the 2016 film “Suicide Squad.” “Rather than upright heroes, we thought that each of our true identities could be better illustrated through villainous figures,” Keeho said, adding that they explored heroic qualities beneath their villainous looks “We wanted to express our unique, somewhat mischievous identities that, when merged together, form a perfect team — similar to the squad in the movie.” With the new album, the band wants to reach new heights in its career. “With this album, we wish to 카지노사이트킹 achieve even higher goals like winning first place on domestic music shows,” Keeho said.

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