The city of Ulsan recently dispatched an overseas mission to Japan and evaluated the results of the mission on Saturday as laying the groundwork for the creation of ‘Ulsan, a sports and cultural city that everyone can enjoy and dream of’.The mission, led by Ulsan Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom, visited five Japanese cities, including Kumamoto, a city of friendship and cooperation, Fukuoka, Shimonoseki, Abashiri, and Sapporo, for six days and seven nights from March 25 to March 1.According to the city, the delegation strengthened friendly relations with advanced Japanese cities and achieved various results, especially by inspecting the sports facilities of sports powerhouses and preparing measures to strengthen Ulsan’s sports facilities.The city first of all solidified the foundation for mutual cooperation with Japanese local governments.During the visit to Kumamoto, one of Japan’s three sister and friendship cities, it was decided to resume mutual participation in the marathon and youth exchanges between the two cities, which were suspended due to COVID-19, from next year.

In Shimonoseki City and Abashiri City, which share a common bond with Ulsan as a “whale city,” they met with local citizen exchange groups and local government officials to explore ways to cooperate in various fields.The second achievement was the discovery of a number of excellent practices that can be used to strengthen Ulsan’s sports facilities, such as the creation of a park golf course.Modeled after the Tsukiguma Park Golf Course in Fukuoka City, which is enjoyed by people of all ages through proper height adjustment and various tree placement, Ulsan decided to build two ‘park golf courses for the three generations’ in Samsan-Yecheon Landfill and Gangdong Tourist Complex, respectively.The Samsan-Yecheon landfill will be set up as a ‘park golf course in a garden’ like the Acorn Forest Park Golf Course in Kumamoto City.At the Gangdong Tourist Complex, the advantages of the park golf course in Hokkaido, the birthplace of park golf, will be applied to make it an advanced park golf course that can be used at night. The third achievement is that concrete plans were made to improve facilities at Munsu Baseball Stadium and to build a youth hostel.

The delegation saw examples such as Fukuoka PayPay Dome, Japan’s first retractable dome ballpark, and Kitahiroshima Escon Field, which incorporates various convenience and cultural facilities such as hotels, hot springs, and restaurants into the baseball field.In particular, Escon Field, which opened in March this year, has become a local attraction with a total of 3.2 million visitors, including 2 million baseball fans and 1.2 million people who used the facilities and took tours, in the eight months through October.The city plans to incorporate these best practices into Ulsan’s situation by installing various facilities, including a youth hostel, to transform Munsoo Baseball Field into a space that many citizens, youth athletes, and tourists enjoy.The fourth achievement is the plan to build an all-weather public indoor tennis court that can be used in all seasons by applying the advantages of indoor sports facilities in Japan.Referring to the examples of Kumamoto City’s Egao Health Stadium and Abashiri City’s Sports Training Field, both of which are known for their multi-purpose sports facilities, the plan is to turn the eight sides of the Munsu Tennis Field into a multi-purpose indoor 온라인카지노 tennis court that can be utilized without being affected by the weather.

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