Neymar, “Just Below Ronaldo,” How Much Do You Make In A Second?

Neymar of Al Hilal, who announced the confirmation of his trip to Saudi Arabia on the 16th. He not only gave his team a huge transfer fee from this transfer, but also signed a contract that would benefit both parties by accepting the next salary after Ronaldo. According to Fabrizio Romano, Neymar’s annual salary excluding options is known to be $150 million, and the option is $50 million, which he earns $200 million over the year. 스포츠토토

This is a huge amount worth 267.5 billion won, ranking second in the world’s annual salary, just below Ronaldo ($217 million, 272.7 billion won). Previously, Benzema was listed as the next-highest salary with 107 million euros (156.1 billion won), but Neymar easily overtook it.

So, what is Neymar’s $200 million per year (estimated before tax) per second? First, Neymar receives 22.3 billion a month. It is the salary level of the top players. His weekly salary divided by 52 weeks is 5.1 billion won, and his daily salary is 733 million won. In other words, the top EPL players earn their weekly salaries in one day.

The value of his hour is 30.53 million won for office workers, which is the median annual income of office workers (30 million won) announced in February. Then for a minute, 508,942 won will head to his pocket for a second when he is lost in thought, and for a second when he turns his eyes, 8,482 won will head to his pocket. Considering that the minimum hourly wage in 2024 is 9,860 won, it is possible to earn the minimum hourly wage for about 1.16 seconds.

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