My eyes were torn and I almost went blind… Director Lyon was angry that there were no sanctions, “I don’t understand.”

French media GetFootball News France reported on the 27th (Korea time), “Lion’s coach Fabio Grosso broke his silence about eye injury sustained by Marseille fans’ attack on the Lyon team bus before the Olympico match. Grosso expressed disappointment over the lack of any sanctions.”

The incident will go up to Oct. 29 (Korean time). The match between Marseille and Lyon in League One was postponed after Lyon’s bus was stoned by Marseille’s supporters.

Grosso was “severely injured” in the attack, and was seen bleeding from his face and with a bandage on his eye. Eventually, the bus in Lyon stopped with a broken window. People on the bus were not able to escape the attack from outsiders, and it was not surprising that he was injured in the process.

Grosso had his left eye swollen and sewn 16 stitches, and Lyon said he had been hit with a glass bottle. Five police officers were also injured in the attack, and at least five people have been arrested for participating in the attack.

Marseille’s coach, Gattuso, said he had a conversation with Grosso, a former teammate of the Italian national team, as he attacked the attacker. “Fabio Grosso could have lost his eye. We had a video call Monday and he was already heading to the training ground,” he told reporters.

Gattuso continued, “I saw some kids in tears, and the majority of fans were upset. None of them feel represented by the three or four people who ruined the day of celebration. I told Fabio I was lucky because I could have lost my sight if I had been hit in the snow. Eventually, Fabio said he was lucky in the situation.” 토토사이트

However, despite the serious consequences of the attack, the LFP has decided not to impose any sanctions on Marseille fans for their actions because the incident took place outside the stadium. The match between Lyon and Marseille has been rescheduled to Dec. 6, when fans from both teams can attend.

When asked about the incident at the pre-match press conference once again, Grosso said, “I’m worried because the absence of sanctions is unacceptable. I like the atmosphere of amazingness like Marseille and I’m not afraid of that, but I don’t understand that there are no sanctions for what happened. I’m going to be tough on this and it’s a very serious problem.”

Such injuries are expected to have serious effects. When asked about the impact of the injury, Grosso said, “It doesn’t look like it, but my shoulders are strong and not revealing, but they are still emotional. When I wake up in the morning and go brush my teeth, I see my face every day.”

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