Making it look natural ···Hanwha’s present and next homework

On the 23rd, professional baseball match between Hanwha and LG in Jamsil. Lee Jin-young, who came out as Hanwha’s leadoff hitter in the top of the ninth inning, hit a long ball that separated the right-center. At the moment when most of the people who watched the game could guess the situation of second base with no outs, Lee Jin-young turned around second base and ran to third base. The timing is close. But it was out. Lee Jin-young, who increased only one out count with a “base hit” even after hitting a double, reportedly blamed himself after coming into the dugout.

With the depth of the ball, he could have aimed for third base. However, it was the last attack in the ninth inning of the team leading by two points. If it is not a 100% probability, it was “basic” to stop at second base unconditionally. Lee Jin-young could not have known this, but Hanwha officials have explained that he would have missed rational judgment as he passed second base amid orange shouts from the third base stand. 바카라

Whether Lee Jin-young was at second base or third base, it was not an inning in which LG’s defense direction changed. If one runner gets on base in the two-point lead, the defensive team focuses on the batter and the match that can become the equalizer when getting on base.

Hanwha is struggling to spread its wings and fly high again this season. He was excited about the growth of domestic starting pitcher Moon Dong-ju and had a proud time despite the quantitative and qualitative changes in the bullpen. Looking at the entire lineup, it is a big task that tends to be too centralized, but Roh Si-hwan, a league “hit product” and a pillar of the lineup, has been created.

However, the mound fight and bat fight alone do not determine the ranking. In the end, close fights above the middle level are divided in the “details” that catch a close game. Moreover, the game on the 23rd was a game in which there was a loophole in the LG bullpen due to Ko Woo-suk and Jung Woo-young’s transfer to the Asian Games national team. Only when more players read the flow of the game that appears on the scoreboard and play with some perspective on the movement of the opposing side can they become a “real” baseball strong team that is good at baseball.

Such scenes sometimes appear in the first and second-place teams, but Hanwha has much more of these scenes. In the match against LG in Jamsil on the 2nd, just before second baseman Chae Eun-sung scored on Moon Hyun-bin’s timely hit in the top of the seventh inning with two outs and runners on first and second bases, the additional score was canceled as first baseman Kim Tae-yeon ran around second base to third base and was tagged out by a center fielder’s throw. It was because Kim Tae-yeon was tagged earlier than Chae Eun-sung stepped on the home plate. Kim Tae-yeon seemed to be aiming for third base with the idea that LG’s center fielder would habitually throw home. Hanwha won the game dramatically by reversing the game 3-4 and then reversing it 5-4 again. However, with an additional point in the seventh inning, he led 4-0 and consumed his mental and physical energy by “dramatizing” the game to win without difficulty.

Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds to accomplish “what seems natural.” However, in baseball, there must be “basics” to be done by score, outcount, runner situation, and of course.

In addition, in a season like Hanwha this year, the value of the sacrifice bunt becomes even more important. However, Hanwha has relatively few batters who flexibly perform operations even at the timing of the sacrifice bunt.

Moreover, unlike “old baseball,” baseball these days does not give a ball that batteries can easily bunt. Sometimes, more than hitting a timely hit after succeeding in the sacrifice bunt, he gets a big round of applause in the dugout, which for Hanwha, is something to look into again.

Hanwha is also a field that has put relatively less weight on individual growth in the rebuilding process in recent seasons. It’s time to play the game. Hanwha’s homework to fill now and next season will also be revealed.

In the pitching part, the season that has seen some light is going on. Therefore, the change in the field side is expected to determine the success or failure of Hanwha in the end. Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho is reportedly planning to invest heavily in dozens of “details” that can come from baseball from finishing training after the season.

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