Macao sales topped $45 billion in 2013

Macao stole the crown of global gambling capital from Las Vegas at the beginning of the millennium, now surpassing about seven times the Sin City Strip, and in US dollars it has earned more than $45 billion (360.7 billion patacas). October, the biggest increase of +31.7% compared to 2012 based on total income, accounted for nearly 10% of December’s sales, according to the (Game Inspection and Coordination Bureau) website. 온라인경마

Macao is a specially regulated Chinese territory, the only legitimate place to gamble. Most traffic arrives via fast ferries that run several times an hour in Hong Kong. The wealthiest people and those who prefer alternative transportation arrive by helicopter or sky shuttle.

Nearly a quarter of Macau’s workforce is directly employed by the gambling industry. Each of Macao’s 570,000 permanent residents is directly benefiting from government subsidies as well as other ways. In 2013, an average of 9,000 patacas ($1,100) occurred per person. But the city’s rapid growth has caused numerous housing and labor problems, and some residents are unhappy with the amount of money that goes into addressing those needs. Housing for workers is a major problem. Discussions for renewing licenses begin in 2015, and analysts expect the government to use its leverage to broker a solution. Nearly 80% of the city’s tax revenue comes from the gambling sector.

Portugal transferred its interest in Macau to Beijing in 1999 and opened it to foreign competition in 2002, and now has six companies with casino licenses, three cities with gambling facilities, and a total of 46 properties.

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