Levi Spends 110 Billion? Tottenham Gets Italian ‘Superstar’ As ‘SON Successor’…”You can play anywhere”

Tottenham is busy preparing for the winter transfer window in January. As it has already taken the lead in the league in the early days of this season and shown solid gains, it is still possible to challenge the championship competition depending on investments made in the winter transfer window.

Coach Enze Postecoglou also acknowledged the need for recruitment. In particular, Postecoglou wanted to recruit a center back. He stressed that he even made a wish to Santa. However, Postecoglou’s squad has seats in addition to the center back that need reinforcement.

They are the strikers. As Son Heung-min filled Harry Kane’s transfer gap this season, Tottenham did not suffer a huge drop in their offense power. However, we cannot rely on Son for everything. Hishalisson has come to life recently, but it is still difficult to fully trust him. Dejan Kulusevski and Brennan Johnson are also a little short of excellent strikers. In the end, Tottenham prepared to recruit strikers in the transfer market. 실시간 바카라사이트

Chiesa is one of Italy’s representative strikers, especially an all-weather resource that moves back and forth between the front line and the wing. He moved to Juventus in 2020 and has been playing steadily, especially this season as a front-line two-top and left winger, with five goals and one assist in 15 games.

The fact that he can play both the front line and the left side is similar to that of Son Heung-min. He also has the aspect of cracking that can grow into Son’s successor in the future. Considering Chiesa’s performance at Euro 2020 and Juventus, Tottenham’s recruitment of Chiesa could be of great help to the team’s strength. However, Tottenham has to overcome difficulties in order to recruit Chiesa. It is the high transfer fee and interest of other clubs.

The TBR Football Association said that Chiesa is one of the players who can play for most European clubs, and predicted that Chiesa would need at least 70 million pounds (about 110 billion won) for his transfer. The transfer fee exceeds 70 million euros (about 100 billion won) for Tanguy Ndombele, Tottenham’s highest ever. It remains to be seen whether Levy will invest such a large amount in the winter transfer market.

Liverpool’s interest is also a problem. Liverpool also reportedly continued to observe Chiesa to reinforce its offense. Newcastle also considered Chiesa. If the clubs compete for recruitment, it is not easy for Tottenham to gain the upper hand.

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