Let-It-Ride Target of Regulator

After meeting on Nov. 13 to discuss proposed rules that require casinos to more clearly define the relationship between bets and their payments made in some table games, Nevada gaming regulators decided they needed more time to consider their options.

The issue was scheduled to be discussed at the Nevada Gaming Commission on Monday, but has been postponed for regulators to meet again with industry representatives on how to reduce confusion among players over the rewards arising from Shuffle Master’s Let It Ride card game, a variation of poker. 온라인카지노

Many casinos offering game venue tables have a limit on how much they can pay for Let It Ride winners. Whether a gambler bets $30 or $300, the table will only pay that much. Some casinos offer up to $75,000 for every game they play at a table, and critics accuse many gamblers of not knowing the maximum limit.

Reason: Placards on many Let’s Ride tables explain that each table has a “total limit” of $75,000.

Greg Gale, head of the audit department at the control committee, said, “Any phrase must be approved by the (Nevada Gaming) control committee because counting is not a common term.” This phrase was not previously approved because the Commission did not require such action.

In a Nov. 13 meeting between regulators and casino industry executives, Shuffle Master’s President Mark Yoseloff said gamblers decided to place Let It Ride bets above the minimum number of tables.

“Supposing the sums are posted in a clear and non-deceptive manner, players who place minimum bets do so, taking into account that victory may be limited by sums on certain rare outcomes, such as Royal Flush,” said Yosselov.
The Board of Control is also eyeing dividends for Fortune Pie Go Poker, Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker. Because they also have a total limit and question the fairness of that limit.

In the Let It Ride, players place three bets on one hand. If they bet $500 per bet and hit the Royal Flush, a $1.5 million dividend would be paid because in theory the Royal Flush has a 1,000 to 1 probability.

Shuffle Master executives argue that this cap is not a problem for most gamblers because very few people get multipliers that exceed the limit.

A controller gave an immediate answer at the meeting. Commissioner Bobby Schiller said: “I’m coming down to bet, and I have to pay.

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