Lee Kang-in’s increasing trip to the midfield. Local media said, “LEE is crack. Use Falls 9+ Attack MF!”

Crisis was an opportunity. Lee Kang-in staged a powerful counterattack. He crossed the midfield with a quick and colorful dribble. Conceded to Usman Dembele, who was rushing to the right. Dembele delivered a low and precise cross to Mbappe.

World Class Mbappe scored the opening goal with a quick and powerful curl after an exquisite first touch. This is the winning goal between PSG and Le Havre in the 14th round of Ligue 1 held on the 4th.

PSG got off to the worst start of the day. In the 10th minute of the first half, goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma kicked Le Havre striker Joshua Kasimir in the face with a high tackle and was eventually sent off. Le Havre set out to hunt big fish amid the inferiority of the number. He tried to show the true value of the numerical advantage by pressing the front line. 온라인카지노

However, there was Lee Kang-in. PSG, which escaped from the frontline pressure of the first line of Le Havre with a calm connection, succeeded in a strong counterattack with Lee Kang-in’s run. In the end, PSG won 2-0.

The Pioneer magazine added on the 5th, “Lee Kang-in is the key player in PSG’s counterattack, which has been put in an inferior position. Lee Kang-in broke the deadlock. After dribbling, he passed the pass to Dembele, the winger crossed, and Mbappe finished.”

Lee Kang-in is the key point of PSG. PSG’s front line is strong. Dembele has many ups and downs, but Mbappe is still the best striker in the world. It is a super crack that can rip up the opponent’s defense at once. However, the opponent is well aware of it. Concentrated checks come in. There is no team to stop PSG in Ligue 1, but the story is different in the European Champions League, where PSG hopes to win.

There are many teams with as good objective power as PSG. There are too many teams with strikers who can control Mbappe and penetrate PSG defense. Manchester City, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, and many other teams take advantage of PSG’s dependence on Mbappe.

The homework inside PSG is competitiveness of the second term. The second term, centered on Vitinha, is flat. It lacks cards to break opponent pressure and efficiently pass Mbappe. This is why local media in France and PSG say, “Lee Kang-in should be used as a central offensive midfielder.”

In fact, Lee Kang-in played as a midfielder, moving between the center and the side. Not only Ligue 1 but also globally, Lee Kang-in’s ability to pressure is at the top level. Teammate Mbappe is also working well with Lee Kang-in.

Local media also said, “If you look at his performance, you can see that Mbappe has a considerably better teamwork and better performance with Lee Kang-in than central strikers such as Muani and Harmus. For this reason, PSG needs to consider a fake No. 9 (fall 9) tactic.”

It was clearly shown in the match against Le Havre. Lee Kang-in dribbled off the opponent’s defender in the center and connected to Dembele on the right side. Eventually, Mbappe’s goal was created. With Lee Kang-in at the center, he showed that not only Mbappe but also Dembele’s destructive power can be maximized. Lee Kang-in is proving it. He is showing it in the game. I wonder how PSG’s choice will be.

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