Lee Jeong-young's game scene

‘Korean Tiger’ Lee Jeong-young (28), full of confidence, waits for the day when he stands in the octagon with a calm, rather than excited, mind as the UFC stage of his dreams approaches. In a video interview with Yonhap News on the 31st of last month, Lee Jeong-young expressed his feelings ahead of the game, saying, “I’m not nervous at all. I feel a sense of responsibility to myself to do well, and I’m being cautious about expectations.”Lee Jung-young, who won the featherweight division of ‘UFC Admission Gate’ Road to UFC Season 1, which ended in February last year and earned the right to sign a formal contract with the UFC, will make his debut after waiting for more than a year. The fighter he will face in ‘UFC Fight Night: Dolije vs Imabov’ held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 4th our time is Blake Bilder (33, USA).Builder, who is strong in wrestling, expressed confidence ahead of this match, saying, “Lee Jung-young will feel wrestling like he’s never experienced before in this match. He can do a takedown at any time.” Lee Jung-young, who heard this, said that Lee Ja (26, China), the opponent he defeated in the Road to UFC finals, is stronger than Builder, and added, “Builder is a tackle that comes from afar. He can keep putting me down with that level of pressure and skill. “There won’t be any,” he replied .He also predicted, “I don’t think there will be a 100% decision. That’s why it will be a hot match. In the end, there will be a strike battle, and whether I finish or my opponent finishes, the winner or loser will be determined by the finish.”

Lee Jung-young’s debut was inevitably delayed as he underwent surgery on his right knee immediately after winning Road to UFC. Although it was difficult to have no choice but to wait helplessly, Lee Jeong-young says that it was a blessing in disguise. He, who recovered perfectly, said, “I am in a completely different state than a year ago. It is perfect without anything bothering me. I am much stronger as a fighter now than a year ago. I have become incredibly stronger in wrestling and grappling.” He said. Lee Jung-young’s mixed martial arts record is 10 wins and 1 loss, while Builder has 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Builder debuted in the UFC first and has a record of 1 win and 1 loss. Local gamblers predict that UFC rookie Lee Jung-young will have a slight edge .Lee Jeong-young said, “Even from the experts’ perspective, this means that it is a game I can definitely win. Thanks to that, I am confident (of winning).”Lee Jung-young, who is maintaining good condition ahead of the weigh-in, was surprised by the UFC’s systematic support program. UFC has established a facility called the ‘Performance Institute’ at its headquarters in Las Vegas, providing services such as weight loss and recovery diets and various massages to all athletes.

Lee Jeong-young said, “Thanks to the UFC’s management, I am losing weight better than ever and have more energy. I feel the importance of such a systematic system. “Featherweight, weighing less than 65.8kg, is a meaningful weight class for Korean fighters. Many strong Korean fighters stood out in the featherweight division of mixed martial arts, and among them, ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-Sung Jeong played an active role as a representative star of the UFC. Lee Jung-young said, “Realistically, I don’t think it’s easy for an Asian athlete to move up from a weight class higher than the featherweight division,” and pledged, “I will take the baton from Chan-Sung Jeong and become the hottest athlete in the featherweight division. “Lee Jung-young, whose goal is to achieve three consecutive wins in the UFC this year alone, starting with this match, said, “Fans will be able to see the ‘Korean Tiger’ return well-armed. He will compete without a dull moment, and will 토토 give him victory as a Lunar New Year gift.” “It will,” he promised.

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