“Lee Jung-hoo’s $131 million contract, I was surprised…” Happy Hong Won-ki, without him, would not have been a big hit

Kiwoom Heroes manager Hong Won-ki smiled happily when he mentioned Lee Jung-hoo (25, San Francisco Giants). It is a huge loss of power for Kiwoom, but Lee Jung-hoo elevated his value to the next level and made a new history in Korean baseball.

San Francisco Giants officially announced a six-year, 113 million-dollar contract with Lee Jung-hoo. No other U.S. media had expected Lee Jung-hoo to sign a contract worth around 100 million dollars. However, San Francisco laughed at foreign media’s prediction that the deal would be between 50 million dollars and 90 million dollars.

FA is driven by market prices, not fixed prices. Manager Hong Won-ki also said Lee’s mega-hit contract may have been due to the influence of Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Dodgers). However, it should be considered that Lee was compensated for the pain he shed so far.

In fact, Hong is a leader who greatly influenced Lee’s growth and advancement to the Major League, to the extent that he could claim a stake in Lee’s contract. Hong served as a defensive coach for several years before taking the helm in 2021. He played a major role in changing the “striker Lee Jung-hoo” to “outfielder Lee Jung-hoo” who joined the team in 2017.

Lee Jung-hoo suggested to former coach Jang Jung-seok that he should take the outfield to succeed rather than grow up as an infielder, and “History” began when former coach Jang Jung-seok also accepted it. Lee Jung-hoo steadily took the opportunity since 2017 in the aftermath of injuries to existing main players, and immediately became the new face of the team. 사설 토토사이트

Hong’s real decision came in 2021 when he assumed the helm. Lee Jung-hoo was a corner outfielder until the 2020 season. Sohn Hyuk, general manager of the Hanwha Eagles, said, “When I was managing the team in the 2020 season, I appointed Park Joon-tae, an outfielder or baserunning coach with good defense as a built-in center fielder.

However, Coach Hong fixed Lee Jung-hoo as center fielder as soon as he took office. He played full-time for two years, laying the groundwork for his team to advance to the Major League. Of course, the value of players in the center field increases in the Major League. Some say that if Lee failed to prove his defense as center fielder, such keen interest in the Major League and a big hit contract with the San Francisco Giants would not have been easy.

In fact, converting to outfield in 2017 also had to do with Yves, a short-distance throw. However, it is true that Coach Hong Won-ki’s transfer to center field in 2021 has become a stroke of genius today. As he gained ample experience as a center fielder, Lee was evaluated as one of the best in the league in terms of defense capability. As such, critics say he is a center fielder equipped with offense and defense.

Manager Hong Won-ki declined to comment. “I just expected my favorite mourner to succeed in the Major League as well. Of course, someone I know well about Lee’s presence in the process of growing up.

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