Lee Dae-ho Confesses Depression···”Did you retire to do this?”

The strongest monster magazine suffered a game suspension due to its first rain since its foundation.

JTBC’s entertainment program “The Strongest Baseball” production team announced on the 10th that the first round between the Strongest Monsters and Dongguk University will be held at 10:30 p.m. on the 11th. 바카라

Following the second game against Busan High School, the strongest monsters have won four consecutive games, including the Gyeonggi-do Independent League All-Star, intuitive games, and Dongwon University of Science and Technology. Those who are in full swing have a strong motivation to finish this season without emitters if they win one game in a row with Dongguk University.

A crisis eventually comes to the strongest monsters, who have raised their will to win. Even before the game, the stadium was flooded by the heavy rain that came unnoticed, not enough to suffer from the heat wave. When the game was canceled due to rain for the first time in the “strongest baseball,” the players could not hide their boldness.

The spectators also move their seats one by one in the heavy rain, and the players also wait for the rain to stop in the dugout. Lee Dae-ho looks at the pouring rain and says, “I retired to support my favorite baseball, but it’s so hard to come here now.”

It will be revealed on the main broadcast whether the strongest monsters will be able to lead the suspended game flow due to rain or what kind of struggle Lee Dae-ho’s difficulty will lead to.

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