William Cuevas, a foreign pitcher for the KT Wiz of the Korean Baseball Organization, is nicknamed “Kudongwon. When he led the team to its first unified victory in the fall of 2021 with the spirit of a saint, KT fans compared him to the late manager Choi Dong-won, who single-handedly won four games in the 1984 Korean Series .At the time, Cuevas was incredible. He threw 108 pitches to win a regular-season game against the NC Dinos on Oct. 28 in a tight race for first place, then took just two days off before returning to the mound for the first-place game against the Samsung Lions. Cuevas’ seven-inning, 99-pitch shutout clinched the regular season title for KT.

Cuevas’ dedication sent KT straight to the Korean Series, where they swept the Doosan Bears in four games to lift the trophy for the first time. Cuevas was released the following April due to elbow pain, but he didn’t pack his bags like other foreign players. He traveled to KT’s home stadium, Suwon Katwiz Park, to rehabilitate .He wasn’t the only one. He also helped Wes Benjamin, the left-handed pitcher who replaced him, get acclimatized. This shows how much he cares about KT and his teammates .He didn’t forget about KT after returning to the United States. In June of this year, KT offered Cuevas a tryout after foreign pitcher Bo Schuler struggled, and Cuevas didn’t think twice about signing and returning.

At the time, Cuevas had received offers from five domestic and foreign teams, including KT, but he chose KT .Cuevas went 12-0 with a 2.60 ERA in 18 regular-season games, and with a huge boost, KT went from last place to second place, punching their ticket to the fall feast .After a somewhat disappointing outing in the second round of the playoffs (PO) against the NC on March 30, Cuevas will sacrifice himself once again .After throwing 75 pitches, he will start Game 4 of the PO on March 3 at Changwon NC Park after only three days of rest. After Game 2, KT manager Lee Kang-cheol asked Cuevas if he could play in Game 4, and Cuevas said “yes” without hesitation .It’s relatively rare to see a foreign player risk injury and dedication to a team. In professional sports, foreign players are more like mercenaries than family members.

In the past, foreign players in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) have been known to blatantly cut corners when their chances of re-signing with the team diminished or when they had the opportunity to play in a bigger league .However, KT’s foreign players are different, as another foreign pitcher, Benjamin, also attracted attention for his dedication in the postseason last year. After throwing 77 pitches in the final home game of the regular season against NC on October 10, Benjamin took two days off before pitching out of the bullpen in the wild-card game against the KIA Tigers on October 13, striking out three in one inning. He then took another three days off before starting the second game of the semifinals against the Kiwoom Heroes on October 17, pitching seven scoreless innings. Although KT did not advance to the POs, Benjamin’s sacrificial spirit touched the hearts of many fans. Every year, KT continues to provide fans with inspiring fall baseball through the 카지노사이트 dedication of its foreign players.

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