Korea Horse Racing Association launches ‘Integrity Innovation Task Force’ to improve vulnerable areas of corruption

The Korea Horse Racing Association (Chairman Chung Jong-hwan) has established the ‘Integrity Innovation Task Force’ to launch a full-fledged integrity operation system and make efforts to improve vulnerable areas of corruption.

On Wednesday, July 26, the Korea Horse Racing Association held a launching ceremony for the ‘Integrity Innovation TF’ in the conference room of its headquarters in Gwacheon. It is a move to add speed to anti-corruption and integrity activities that are already underway or planned to be implemented, and to actively manage ethical and clean management by directly managing integrity issues by top executives such as the chairman and standing audit committee.

The ‘Integrity Innovation TF’ will be operated by Chairman Jeong Ji-hwan of the Korea Horse Racing Association and Standing Audit Committee member Lee Jae-wook as joint team leaders. The TF is composed of five subcommittees in the areas of vulnerability to corruption, including – personnel, labor, and evaluation -facility tenant management -donation management -contract -ethical management, and the head of each area and the head of the department are the subcommittee chairpersons and members. The subcommittees will analyze the vulnerable sectors in detail and focus on improvement tasks to create results at an early stage.

At the first meeting, the chairman and standing audit committee members expressed their commitment to integrity, analyzed vulnerable areas of corruption, and shared improvement plans for vulnerable areas by division, and confirmed 31 integrity implementation tasks aimed at improving internal and external integrity awareness. These include dissemination of institutional core values and improvement of personnel and evaluation systems to improve ‘internal sensitivity’ and integrity communication with complainants to improve ‘external sensitivity’. This is a result of actively implementing the KFTC’s anti-corruption and integrity measures for public institutions and reflecting the growing voice of self-reflection within the horse society.

“The will and initiative of executives to improve the organizational culture is important for improving integrity,” said Chairman Jeong Jung-hwan of the Korea Horse Racing Association, “and we will strive to become an integrity organization that is loved by the people.” Mr. Lee Jae-wook, a member of the Standing Committee of the Audit Committee, said, “As it 토토사이트 is more urgent than ever to have stronger integrity and ethical management, we will promote sincere integrity measures so that the public can experience them.”

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