Ko Woo-seok going to SD, conditions are two years and $4.5 million…LG gets 1.1 billion won

This is the amount offered to Ko, who is trying to play in the U.S. Major League. It is not a big hit, but it is also not a bargain. What Ko can do is to win a bigger contract by recognizing his worth through two years. 메이저 토토사이트

LG Twins closer Ko Woo-suk will wear San Diego Padres uniform. LG announced on Tuesday that it will allow Ko to play in the Major League. The team that negotiated with Ko will go to San Diego, Kim Ha-sung’s team, and Ko will depart on the 3rd to complete medical tests and sign contracts there. All procedures must be completed within 7 a.m. Korean time on the 4th. This is why Ko left for the U.S. in a hurry.

What’s curious is how Ko will be treated. Rather than allowing it, LG did so because it attempted to play in the Major League through the posting system rather than the FA system. The posting system requires the MLB team that recruits the player to pay the compensation set to the original team. LG had initially expressed its opposition to Ko’s move to the U.S. if he is offered the “cheap” condition. Ko’s side also said it would not overdo it under unfavorable conditions.

LG said on Tuesday that it is agonizing over whether to allow the player to play in the Major League. The move meant that he was not satisfied with the amount. However, the team immediately allowed Ko to play in the Major League. It was not to earn money but to support his dream.

Then, how much will Ko be paid to go to the U.S.? According to the report, the two-year deal is reportedly worth 4.5 million dollars. The guaranteed amount is 4 million dollars and the option is 500,000 dollars. Some details may change when signing the final contract locally, but the agreement has already been reached in a big way.

Considering the recent contract terms and conditions of bullpen pitchers in the Major League, it is not a big deal. However, the amount is close to 6 billion won (6 million U.S. dollars), which is hard to denigrate as a bargain. This means that Ko, who has a strong desire to go to the U.S., was satisfied with the amount. He might have thought that the value of going and bumping into each other was more important than money.

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