Kindred Report On Profits From Hazardous Gambling In Q3 2023

Kindred accounted for 3.3% of hazardous gambling revenue in Q3 2023. The increased focus on detection and automated interventions during the quarter reflected a steady positive trajectory for improved post-intervention behavior, compared to 86.7% in the quarter.

Kindred Group plc (kindred) share of hazardous gambling revenue in Q3 2023 was 3.3% (3.1 in Q2 2023). In the last quarter, automated interventions continued to be introduced and the ability of secure gambling toolkits has been enhanced to provide a more comprehensive and responsible gambling journey across Kindred’s brand. Data for 2023 indicate that trends are consistent, but more needs to be done. 슬롯머신

While Kindred continues to actively strive to achieve a safer gambling experience for all customers, it also recognizes the need for further action to build a long-term sustainable industry in all markets. There is a positive trend for caught customers to improve their gambling behavior after intervention. 86.7% of customers caught in the quarter improved their post-intervention behavior.

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