“Kim Minjae, go behind you!”…亞’s highest transfer fee, Mitoma’s ransom is expected to exceed 100 billion won for the first time in 亞! Man City-Manchester United want it

Kim Min-jae drew global attention as he led Italy’s Serie A Napoli to its first championship in 33 years. Kim Min-jae was also named Serie A’s best defender last season. While the world’s leading big clubs sent a love call, Kim Min-jae chose Bayern Munich.

The transfer fee is 50 million euros (71.4 billion won). At that time, it was the third-largest transfer fee in the history of Bayern Munich. And it ranked first in the history of Asian soccer players. It was like Kim Min-jae’s treatment. 안전놀이터

However, there is a high possibility that Kim Min-jae’s highest ransom as an Asian soccer player will be broken. The likely player to break this record is Mitoma Kaoru of Brighton & Hove Albion.

Mitoma, a member of the Japanese national team, is a key resource for Brighton, which has been reborn as an emerging powerhouse in the English Premier League (EPL). Brighton finished sixth last season, and Mitoma was the main driver of the sensation. This season, Mitoma has also been active, scoring three goals and three assists.

Manchester United, the best family in the EPL, and Manchester City, which currently boasts the “absolute strongest,” are seeking to recruit Mitoma. Brighton is trying to renew Mitoma, but if Mitoma transfers, the prevailing prospect is that Asia’s highest transfer fee will emerge.

If Mitoma transfers, the transfer fee will be more than 70 million pounds (KRW 116 billion). If the transfer is made, Mitoma will become the first Asian player to surpass 100 billion won in ransom, including the highest transfer fee for an Asian player.

Britain’s Football Insider said, “Brighton is planning to trade Mitoma, whose ransom has risen. Mitoma’s ransom is at least 70 million pounds, the report said.

Brighton, a ‘selling club’, is famous for not blocking transfers if they offer a high ransom. In the transfer market last summer, Moises Caicedo was sold to Chelsea for £115 million (196.6 billion won), the highest transfer fee in EPL history. So did Alexis Mac Allister or Ben White.

The media outlet said, “Brighton is happy to sell players if they meet their values. Caicedo, McAllister, and White are the players that Brighton has recently sold at high prices. In particular, Mitoma was recruited for 2.5 million pounds (KRW 4.1 billion) in 2021, and it would be a huge profit if sold for 70 million pounds. Mitoma’s contract runs through June 2025,” he stressed.

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