Kim Hyo-joo’s pain felt by her ‘Ah!’ expression…But he still smiles in front of the fans!

On the 24th, the second round of “OK Financial Group Pak Se-ri INVITATIONAL” (total prize money of 800 million won, winning prize of 144 million won) was held at Cheongju Serenity Country Club (par 72/6,739 yards (main line of 6,714 yards). 바카라

Kim Hyo-joo, who had a sore throat in the first round, came into the tee box to start the second round. Kim Hyo-joo, who stretched, looked uncomfortable in her neck. Kim Hyo-joo said after the first round, “I had a cramp in my neck while practicing last week, and I still have symptoms.”

Still, despite his poor condition, Kim Hyo-joo finished the game with a batting average in his 60s.

As for the shot distance, “I think it’s less than usual. Still, I thought I should hit it properly even if there was a lot of distance left,” he said.

Kim Hyo-joo also kept touching her neck and stretching during shot practice. Even after hitting the tee shot, he touched his neck and complained of pain, but he answered with a big smile to the applause of the fans.

In addition, he posed with Park Min-ji and Yoo Hae-ran and gave fans a smile by posing as OK from the host “OK Financial Group.”

Kim Hyo-joo prepared a lot to participate in the first domestic competition in a long time. “I worked out a lot and practiced a lot of shots. But I think he was disappointed because he had a cramp But I’ll do my best as I prepared. I said.

And Kim Hyo-joo said about her participation in the domestic competition, “My parents like it and I want to come out a lot because I can meet my fans in person.”

Despite the symptoms of gall, Kim Hyo-joo performed well, tied for 11th with Noh Seung-hee and Lim Jin-hee with a final total of 6 under par.

Kim Hyo-joo will participate in the “Hana Financial Group Championship,” which will be held at Incheon Bears Best Cheongna from the 29th.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-ji won the “OK Financial Group Pak Se-ri Invitational” with a total of 11-under 205. Kim Soo-ji has won three games in 11 months since the Hite Jinro Championship in mid-October 2021. He took 144 million won in prize money.

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