Kia Tigers Kim Ki-hoon – Na Yong-ki, ‘controversy’ over comments in front of fans…

KBO Kia Tigers players made inappropriate remarks at an event with fans, and the team’s president Shim Jae-hak apologized.

On the 30th, the official account of the Kia Tigers posted, “We apologize to our fans.”

The team’s president, Shim Jae-hak, wrote, “Hello. This is Shim Jae-hak, president of the Kia Tigers baseball team. I would like to apologize on behalf of the team for the misbehavior of some players at the Tiger Family Hanmadang event held on October 28, and I would like to bow my head and apologize to the fans who support and love the KIA Tigers.”

“To thank our fans for their support this season, we held a high-five event with our players and fans, during which some of our players engaged in behavior that is not appropriate for a professional baseball player.”

“The Kia Tigers take this matter very seriously and recognize our responsibility. We deeply regret this incident and will continue to work on ethics training for our players and do our best to create a culture of respect for our fans.”

“We would like to once again express our sincere apologies to the fans who support the KIA Tigers. Thank you,” he concluded.

Earlier, at the ‘Tiger Family Hanmadang Event’ held on the 28th, a high-five event was held with fans.

However, several players, including Kim Ki-hoon, Hong Won-bin, and Na Yong-ki, were criticized for making comments such as “Do you flirt (with fans)?”, “I only hit pretty people hard”, and “Did you see that?”, “She’s a goddess” after a fan passed by.

The head coach of the team apologized for the controversy, but fans were not pleased.

Netizens also commented, “What are the players who made the remarks doing behind closed doors?”, “Yang Hyun-jong should have smiled and thanked each fan,” and “If it’s an official apology, it should say who said what, why it was wrong, and what they will do in the future”. 토토사이트

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