Kansas Speedway still working on casino offers

Last December, Kansas Entertainment LLC (a partnership between Kansas Speedway and Cordish Co.) withdrew its application hours after obtaining the necessary final approval from the Kansas Game Commission. At the time, there was much speculation about whether Kansas would be able to take over the casino, as Kansas Entertainment last withdrew without leaving any competitors for casino development.

The casino will be built overlooking Turn 2 from the track as part of a proposed $680 million entertainment destination center to include a hard rock-branded casino, bar, dining and other entertainment facilities with 100,000 square feet of gaming floor. The final plan will also include hotels, spas, convention centers and retail areas.

The proposal is generally the same as before it was withdrawn, but we plan to phase out resorts that are more available in the current credit market. 카지노사이트 순위

“We’re not going to downsize,” said Jeff Boger, president of Speedway. “The only difference in our proposal is to introduce it step by step. We’re going to do the casino first, and hotels, conference spaces, and entertainment will come after all the financial markets have reversed.”

Part of the proposal includes a petition by Speedway’s parent company, International Speedway, to NAScar to add a second sprint cup race to the track. The company will also petition Grand Arm Road Racing to allow sports car racing.

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