It’s not ironic, but it’s just unfortunate

I was a little surprised when Norman Chad introduced the Side Action Championship, mentioning that he didn’t think there should be a Side Action Championship. It’s obvious that joking and being a character in general is a major part of an announcer’s profession, but this was the first time I learned of a certain unprofessional trend in ESPN’s coverage. On this particular occasion, I thought it was funny. It was funnier than the Side Action Championship anyway, but as the series progressed, I got to raise more questions about ESPN’s tricks and frames. Plus, later on, I want to talk about the lack of women in the main event that I think they actually handled well, because I want to talk about what I think might have been easy to make mistakes first. 슬롯머신

This year’s main event segment had only 4 percent female, and I know it from the announcers’ comments several times that it’s a really bad number. There’s no justification, no fake sociological theory about why, no sexist jokes, just acknowledging there’s a problem. In previous episodes, they give enough time to the women there, give interviews with more famous people and some canned character profiles just like men. This is how to make the scene look female-friendly. This is how to normalize their presence. Don’t ignore the people there, but don’t feel weird about them, either.

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