IGT Launches Diamond RS Mechanical Reel Cabinet

Game equipment supplier International Game Technology Limited (IGT) announced Wednesday the launch of a diamond RS mechanical reel cabinet (경마사이트프로). “This cabinet is a pivotal point for IGT in the mechanical reel segment,” the company said in a press release.

IGT said the new cabinet was the result of “wide market research combined with leading technology” to provide “the next generation of gaming experiences on traditional cabinet styles.”

DiamondRS cabinets come with a 32-inch ultra-high definition LCD top box display and a 23-inch high definition main monitor with multi-touch screen capability. The Dynamic Player panel incorporates a “Readable Panel and Ergonomic Button Deck Design”, an inductive wireless phone charger and a USB charging port

The statement quoted Nick Keane, IGT’s chief operating officer for games, as saying the launch of the Diamond RS cabinet “continues IGT’s decades of rule in the mechanical reel sector, reinforced by the industry’s first innovation in diamond glass technology.”

The new cabinet “reflects IGT’s originality and commitment to delivering the best gaming products that meet player preferences and deliver dynamic performance,” he added.

The diamond RS cabinet features three reel configurations enhanced by IGT’s diamond glass penetration reel technology. The cabinet “integrates transparent video overlays on top of machine reels, allowing the cabinet to host multiple payline configurations and more attractive gaming content,” the company added.

The new cabinet is supported by various content libraries featuring new titles and new versions of IGT’s existing themes, including “Double Top Dollars”

The company said the diamond RS cabinets were first deployed at Yamaba Resorts & Casino in California, the United States.

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