I threw two Benjamin Arirang balls and rolled steel plate…KT won Game 2 due to bullpen pitching

The problem was that it was difficult to postpone the game schedule any longer because there were more rain cancellations than in any other year. According to the principle that doubleheaders could not be organized for two consecutive days, it was difficult to reorganize into a future schedule rather than a doubleheader in Monday’s game on the 18th if it became a rain-free game. The situation of the game with one inning left before the conditions for the rainfall call game were established was also ambiguous.

The judges were unable to declare a no-no-game prematurely, and the game was not resumed until 3 hours and 24 minutes later. KT starter Benjamin, who took the mound in the fifth inning with a 3-1 lead by blocking one run until the fourth inning, cooled his shoulders as the waiting time became too long. He was forced to be replaced, but he took the mound again after the game resumed in the fifth inning. After throwing two Arirang balls to Moon Hyun-bin, he gave a walk and was replaced by Son Dong-hyun.

According to Article 5-10 of the Baseball Rules, if a pitcher in a game crosses the foul line at the beginning of the inning, the pitcher must complete the pitch until the first batter is out or goes to first base. Before the suspension of rain, Benjamin crossed the foul line and took the mound, and was playing against Moon Hyun-bin in the seventh pitch. To avoid injury, Benjamin relaxed and threw two Arirang balls down. 바카라

Benjamin, who retired without a win or loss with two hits, three walks, one walk, six strikeouts and one run in four innings, pushed back KT’s record of 16 wins in a season to the next due to rain. KT’s record for the most wins in a season is 15 wins, with Audrisamer Despaigne in 2020 and Benjamin this year.

Benjamin missed the victory, but the bullpen, which led to Son Dong-hyun (2 innings), Park Young-hyun (2 innings), and Kim Jae-yoon (1 inning), combined for five scoreless innings to complete KT’s victory. Son Dong-hyun won his seventh win (5 losses) of the season, and Park Young-hyun harvested his 31st hold. Kim Jae Yoon is making his 27th save. In the lineup, Jang Sung-woo played two hits and two RBIs, including a home run, and Kim Min-hyuk and Alford played two hits. Hanwha starter Han Seung-joo lost three games (1 win) of the season with five hits (1 homer) and one walk and three runs in five innings.

The game, which started the first round of the doubleheader at 2 p.m., ended at 11:26 p.m. with the end of the second round of the doubleheader. A day that took a whopping 9:26 p.m. The number of spectators entering the doubleheader on the day was 7,406 in the first round and 6,228 in the second round, totaling 13,634.

After the game, KT manager Lee Kang-chul said, “We were able to win today because the players didn’t lose their concentration for a long time. Starter Benjamin failed to play the inning until the end due to the suspension of rain, but he did his part. Thank you very much for blocking five innings well in a tight bullpen situation. Jang Sung-woo’s first two-run home run brought the atmosphere of the game, and Park Byung-ho’s additional RBI allowed him to win. “Thank you to the fans for supporting me until the end of today’s game, and the players did a great job.”

KT catcher Jang Sung-woo, who achieved a career record of 100 home runs, said, “The game was suspended for 3 hours and 24 minutes and resumed, making it difficult for the team. In particular, I felt that the regulation needed to be supplemented in that Benjamin, who took a long break under the rule that the starting pitcher should finish the game with the batter, had to finish the situation again and go down,” he said.

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