I pointed out the facilities of the away team at Jamsil Baseball Stadium several times

Jamsil Baseball Stadium, which opened in July 1982, is the Mecca of Korean baseball history. However, it is a poor stadium for away players. The visiting team players often changed their uniforms in the hallway, waited on the bus, and wiped their sweat and went to their accommodation because of the lack of shower facilities. SSG Choo Shin-soo, who played in the Major League, criticized the away locker room in Jamsil. Choo Shin-soo said, “I pointed out the facilities of the away team at Jamsil Baseball Stadium several times. He said, “The away locker room space was small, so not only did I put bags in the hallway one after another, but the shower facilities and basic training facilities were poor.”

Even the Doosan Bears, which uses Jamsil Baseball Stadium as its home stadium, the LG Twins, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government, which manages Jamsil Baseball Stadium, were aware of the poor environment. As the Seoul Metropolitan Government began to move actively, the construction of the away locker room began in late December and wrapped. Major construction of the away locker room has secured new space by opening toilets and away supervision rooms. About 32 large locker rooms, a shower room for 11 people to shower at the same time, and an away coach’s room, a coach’s room, and a physical therapy room were completed. 먹튀검증

The space available for away players has more than doubled from about 100㎡ to 223㎡. In addition, 10 additional lockers have been installed in the coach’s room, and two beds can be installed in the physical therapy room. Considering the movement, the players were installed right next to the dugout. The dining space was also made so that 18 players could eat at once. Equipment such as chairs and sofas will be purchased by Doosan and LG at half and half of the cost. It plans to complete all preparations before the first exhibition game in Jamsil.

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