“I need $100 million to re-sign, but…” Kim Ha-sung’s value is through the roof, why is the trade negative

The value of Kim Ha-sung (29) in the trade market is skyrocketing. Then, why can’t San Diego actually trade Kim Ha-sung? The Athletic, a North American sports media outlet, analyzed San Diego’s roster on Tuesday (Korea time) and shed light on the trade value and current situation of Kim Ha-sung and Jake Cronenworth.

San Diego correspondent Dennis Lin, who wrote the article, said of Kim Ha-sung and Jake Cronenworth, “They are showing an interesting contrast as trade candidates.” The media outlet said, “If Kim Ha-sung is transferred during the offseason, we will be able to sell him at a high price,” predicting, “Kim Ha-sung, the winner of Gold Glove, is in his final year of his contract, and he will need a nine-digit contract to renew his contract.” It valued Kim Ha-sung as a player worth more than 100 million dollars.

It is possible to fill the positions that San Diego needs immediately with a counter-payment as a sale that can be highly popular in the trade market. In the San Diego situation in May last year, when he received an emergency loan at the end of the season due to financial difficulties due to the destruction of the broadcasting rights contract, one of the ways to expand his power without additional investment is through Kim Ha-sung’s trade.

Currently, San Diego has to reduce its total annual salary to less than 200 million U.S. dollars. As his annual salary is expected to exceed 30 million dollars right now, he traded Juan Soto, who is rumored to be a 500 million-dollar contract, to the New York Yankees. In addition, Matt Carpenter, a veteran designated hitter with an annual salary of 5.5 million dollars, was sent to the Atlanta Braves on condition that he compensate 1.5 million dollars.

“Both Kim Ha-sung and Cronenworth are on the trade list, but I don’t think San Diego will move,” Bob Nightingale, a reporter for USA Today, said at the end of last year. “San Diego can only spend an additional 20 million to 25 million U.S. dollars. There are many areas to strengthen. We will listen to more trade proposals related to Kim Ha-sung. Kim Ha-sung can clearly fill in the pieces that his team needs. “I have one more year to spend, and I can save 8 million dollars and get controllable starters,” he said.

The East Village Times, a local media outlet in San Diego, expressed a similar opinion. The media said, “Kim Ha-sung has become a true favorite player of fans over the past few seasons. His play style is highly contagious and loved by everyone,” but added, “His final season salary is 8 million dollars. If he does not accept the mutual option in 2025, Kim Ha-sung, who will become a free agent at the age of 29, will be paid an enormous amount of money. It seems difficult to renew the contract with Kim Ha-sung, who will demand more than 100 million dollars in the free agent market after the end of next year’s season.”

In addition, he said, “We need to maximize his value now and earn proper profits. We can save 10 million dollars including 8 million dollars in annual salary and 2 million dollars in buyouts next year. We can use that money to strengthen our roster,” adding, “We need to strengthen our squad through Kim Ha-sung’s trade. Not a few clubs want Kim Ha-sung. There are several local media outlets claiming that Kim Ha-sung should be recruited. Lee Jung-hoo’s San Francisco Giants and the Boston Red Sox in the East wanted Kim Ha-sung.

Last year, the San Francisco Chronicle said on the 19th that it was considering a trade to recruit a shortstop. A package that includes one or two young pitchers in Joey Bart and the team’s surplus outfielder can be used to find a trade with a player like Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres. Willy Adames of the Milwaukee Brewers could also be a potential target.

“San Francisco successfully acquired the best free agent through the signing of 25-year-old Lee Jung-hoo, but it needs to continue to increase its roster in order to be competitive in the National League West,” MLB.com said. “The Giants need to penetrate the trade market. Corbin Burns of the Milwaukee Brewers, Willie Adames of the Chicago White Sox, Dylan Sizz of the San Diego Padres, and Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres are potential candidates.” 온라인경마

Jen McCaffrey, Boston Red Sox reporter for The Athletic, quoted Dennis Lynn as saying, “Kim Ha-sung is the perfect fit for Boston in terms of defense and contractual terms,” stressing the importance of bringing him in as a trade. However, Boston has been receiving Von Grissom as a promising shortstop since the beginning of the new year when it sent Chris Sale, who served as a left-handed veteran ace, to Atlanta. The possibility of bringing in Kim Ha-sung has declined.

The Athletic predicted that Kim Ha-sung’s trade would not be easy in reality. The media reported that Kim Ha-sung can provide added value within the contract period, in addition to being popular with fans. He also mentioned the need to consider the status of Manny Machado, the main third baseman.

Machado played more often as a designated hitter than a third baseman at the end of the season due to right elbow pain last year. He played with elbow pain in recent seasons, but eventually got surgery in October last year as the pain worsened. He underwent reconstruction surgery to extend his elbow and it may take up to six months to recover. He is uncertain about his trip to the Seoul Series for the opening game.

“The Athletic” said, “Machado, who is rehabilitating from elbow tendon reconstruction surgery, may not be ready to defend third baseman until the end of March. Kim Ha-sung has considerable experience in Machado’s position,” adding, “It can be a temporary answer for a few weeks after the season’s opening, when a solution is needed, such as using Machado as a designated hitter.”

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