“I laughed for the first time today.”

Britain’s “The Sun” reported on the 5th (Korea Standard Time) that “disrespectful Tottenham fans made Manchester City’s star a mockery. Holland’s “Mimmy of Fury” was created by fans.”

Manchester City and Tottenham were tied 3-3 in the 14th round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) held at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, the U.K. on Wednesday. Manchester City had a chance for Jack Grealish to face off with the goalkeeper one-on-one at the end of the match, but the decision was made offside by referee Simon Hooper. Holland, whose game had not turned out well, got furious with the referee. The referee took out a warning card to Holland, who was violently protesting.

He also lost in a one-top match with Son. Son scored one goal and one assist to lead a valuable draw. According to soccer statistics magazine Footmob, the two had the same number of cheek touches each with 30. Amid the enemy’s blusher, Son scored two attack points, while Holland scored no goal. Holland helped Grealish score, but failed to score several good opportunities.

Holland expressed his anger after the match by posting the abusive language “wtf (what the f***)” on his social media. Since then, there has been a possibility that he will be disciplined by the FA. 카지노사이트 순위

Tottenham fans made so-called “memes of anger” by caricatizing Holland’s expression of anger. The meme spread quickly through social media and the Internet. Fans added Holland’s face to Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Holland’s anger was also featured in the TV reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the movie Home Alone.

Fans reacted explosively to the meme, and Holland responded to it. Posting the meme on his social media account, he gleefully responded, “Wtf (what the f***), making me laugh for the first time today.”

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