“I hope you do well now.” A lot of support poured out for Son’s best friend. Genius → Sudden crash → Shock confession finally returns

Everton uploaded a photo of their team’s training on their social media on Saturday (Korea time). What stood out was the emergence of Ali. He had been out of the team due to injury, but he sweated a lot after appearing for the first time in a while. His teammates seemed to welcome him warmly.

With this comeback, Ali is seeking a revival. Once called an “England genius,” Ali spent his prime time playing for Tottenham from 2015 to 2022. The “DESK” line of fear, which has continued from South Korea’s captain Son Heung-min to Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), Christian Eriksen (Manchester United), and Ali, was a presence of fear from the opposing team’s point of view. Ali’s performance was remarkable. He made 18 goals and seven assists in the 2016-2017 season, and nine goals and 10 assists in the 2017-2018 season.

Back then, prestigious clubs Manchester City (England) and Barcelona (Spain) sent a love call to recruit Ali. Ali was one of the most famous stars in Europe.

However, Ali fell into a slump. His skills declined for unknown reasons and he rarely recovered. In the end, he fell behind in the race to become Tottenham’s starting member. In January last year, he moved to Everton but failed to secure a seat. He had to leave the team once again. He also spent time on loan at Turkiye Besiktas, but had to experience another failure. Ali’s bad luck continued. He was injured and did not play a game this season.

In July, Ali confessed shockingly that he was suffering from severe trauma due to family discord as a child. Criticism poured out over the endless slump at one point, but it turned into support and encouragement. Again, soccer fans cheered enthusiastically. When Ali appeared at the training site, he expressed his joy by posting a comment, “Ali is back.”

British sports bible also announced Ali’s return and shared his reaction to the soccer fans. One fan said, “Alli’s soccer intelligence can be a real boost to Everton.” Another fan said, “Just like how he complimented James Garner (Everton prospect), he likes Ali. They are very smart on the field. The location, timing, and vision are excellent.” The rest of the fans were also happy about Ali’s return. 온라인경마

Currently, Everton are ranking 17th in the league with seven wins, two draws and seven losses (13 points). The team was given a 10-point cut by the EPL secretariat, which puts it in a more difficult situation. Although the team has put out the urgent fire by winning three consecutive games recently, it needs to maintain the momentum. If Ali shows a surprise performance, he will greatly boost his personal career and the team.

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