I didn’t even debut in ML… At the age of 19, 8 years and 107 billion won was a big prospect

A player who has yet to make his Major League debut is about to sign an eight-year, 82 million-dollar long-term contract. Jackson Churio (19), a promising outfielder of the Milwaukee Brewers, is the star.

“MLB.com ” and other U.S. media reported on the 1st (Korea Standard Time) that Milwaukee is close to signing a long-term contract with Churio, who is ranked second in the MLB pipeline. According to “New York Post” reporter John Hayman, it is known that the total amount is 82 million dollars, adding to the $2 million buyout amount with an eight-year guarantee contract including two years of team options.

It is the highest-ever contract for a player who has not played a single game in the Major League. The previous record was six years and 50 million dollars that outfielder Lewis Robert Jr. signed with the Chicago White Sox in January 2020. He was recognized for his tremendous talent with 30 million dollars more than that. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Venezuela’s Utuuta outfielder Surio is considered to be a similar type of player to Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta Bravis), who received the National League MVP this year, and Corbin Carroll (Arizona Diamondbacks), who received the Rookie of the Year award for center field resources with 180 centimeters and 74 kilograms of physique. He was a shortstop when he signed an international amateur contract with Milwaukee for 1.8 million dollars in January 2021, but he changed his position to an outfielder from 2022 to save his shoulder and fast feet, and grew into a storm.

Cho, who participated in the All-Star Futures Game in the minor league for two consecutive years between 2022 and 2023, was named the Milwaukee’s top minor leaguer, and saw his ranking rise sharply to second place in this year’s MLB Pipeline Prospects rankings after infielder Jackson Holiday (Baltimore Orioles), the top draft pick in the 2022 draft. He also ranked third in the Baseball America Prospects rankings.

In this year’s Double A, he hit .28 million (143 for 510) in 122 games, with 22 homers, 89 RBIs, 84 runs scored, 41 walks, 103 strikeouts, 43 steals, and an on-base percentage of .336, a slugging percentage of .467 OPS.803, and was promoted to Triple A at the end of the season. He has played only six games in Triple A, but Milwaukee gave him an eight-year, 82 million-dollar long-term contract based on Churio’s talent.

It is noteworthy that Milwaukee, a small market team, is making an unusually large investment. A long-term contract with Churio is like declaring Milwaukee’s transition to a rebuilding position. Having advanced to the postseason five times including three district championships in the last six years, Milwaukee has moved to the Chicago Cubs for its bench coach Matt Murphy.

The team is also working on reorganizing its players. It has released its key starting pitcher Brandon Woodruff as a non-tender, and has also put forward ace Corbin Burns and shortstop Willie Adames in the trade market ahead of the FA. Along with young players such as second baseman Bryce Turban, outfielder Sal Freelick and Jay Wimmer who made their big league debut this year, the team is expected to be at the center of Milwaukee’s rebuilding. As the contract does not require service time management, Milwaukee is expected to immediately utilize the team’s starting game from next year’s opening game.

If the mystery player plays as expected, he can use prospects cheaply before becoming an FA, but there is a risk because he is a player who has not yet been verified in the big leagues. Among the players who signed such contracts earlier, Robert Jr. and Eli Jimenez (White Sox, 6 years, $43 million in 2019) played as they did, but John Singleton (Houston Astros, 5 years, $10 million in 2014), Scott Kingery (Philadelphia Phillies, 6 years, $24 million in 2018), and Evan White (Seattle Mariners, 6 years, $24 million in 2019) fell short of expectations.

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