Hwang Ui-jo’s private life controversy is about to take over… Brother-in-law A threatens the victim with a foreign face

According to the legal community on the 15th, the prosecution stated in the indictment that Hwang Ui-jo’s brother-in-law A threatened his opponent through a captured photo of a video of the victim B making a video call with Hwang in a nude state using SNS at his home on May 7.

At the time, A sent Hwang Ui-jo a capture photo and message of a video of having sex with a woman. He said, “Hello, Eui-jo. I have your video. What if this video is released when there are many women?” and threatened, “Look forward to uploading some tasting photos.”

And on June 25, A posted a personal life video and photo of Hwang Ui-jo and the victim at an accommodation in Gyeonggi-do Province on social media. At that time, he reportedly tried to avoid the incident by impersonating himself as “a woman who met Hwang Ui-jo.”

Meanwhile, after the disclosure, Hwang Ui-jo reported that he was threatened after his cell phone was lost, and a police investigation began. However, after recognizing that the distributor was A, he showed a contradictory attitude by submitting a non-penalty letter, saying, “Please do not punish the prisoner.”

Even the fact that she asked the victim to submit a “no punishment letter” was reported when the victim sued Hwang Ui-jo for illegal filming. Soon after, Hwang Ui-jo’s side defended themselves and caused a big stir by releasing information that could identify the victim’s woman. 온라인카지노

Since these acts are well known, what is indicated in this indictment is that A also sent a threatening message to the victims. He pretended to be a foreigner to the victim B in English, saying, “This is you, right? Hwang Ui-jo has a lot of women. I will post a picture soon,” which shocked him greatly.

A was arrested and charged on the 8th. At the time, the prosecution is suspected of extracting and distributing Hwang Ui-jo’s sexual intercourse video from a mobile phone obtained from Hwang Ui-jo in June. A was also accused of threatening Hwang Ui-jo by impersonating a third party, and the perpetration of the victim was also revealed.

This corresponds to charges such as filming and repression using cameras under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act and threatening retaliation under the Aggravated Punishment Act of Specific Crimes. A denies all the charges, but the prosecution plans to investigate after finding several hard evidence. On top of that, Hwang Ui-jo appointed the same law firm as A, but controversy arose over the “bilateral representation.”

Later, the law firm filed a resignation letter against A. The Korea Football Association (KFA) also drew a sword due to the controversy over Hwang Ui-jo’s private life, which began with his brother-in-law B.

The KFA held an ethics committee meeting on April 28 and officially announced that Hwang will not be selected as a member of the national team until the investigation agency concludes that he is under investigation for illegal filming. As a result, Hwang’s participation in the Asian Cup is expected to fail.

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