Hwang Ui-jo, risk of illegal sex shooting…What’s the impact on the Klinsmann?

As Hwang Ui-jo (31, Norwich), a front-line resource of the men’s national soccer team, is under police investigation as a suspect of illegal sex filming, attention is being paid to whether there will be a change in the management of the players of the Klinsmann.

Hwang Ui-jo complained of damage after a video of sexual intercourse with his ex-lover was leaked, but his status was changed to a suspect after he was caught illegally filming the video and received his first police investigation on the 18th.

Hwang Ui-jo’s side denies the allegations, saying it is an agreed-upon video. The victim, known as Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-lover, said in a statement on the 21st, “I have never agreed to film and have continued to demand deletion,” adding, “It was difficult to get wildly angry or report the fear of leakage.”

If convicted, a change in the national team’s attack management is inevitable. Jürgen Klinsmann has captain Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) as a built-in two-top or drooping striker, and plans to start Cho Kyu-sung (25, Mit Whelan) as his offensive partner. On top of that, Hwang Ui-jo is being put into the Joker at a time when the opponent’s physical strength is poor in the second half.

Hwang Ui-jo has a slightly lower right to provide than Cho Kyu-sung, but he is also evaluated as having a wide range of activities and better ability to connect and shoot. It was used as a card that could reverse the atmosphere of the game or give diversity to tactical operation, but there is a possibility that the frequency of use will decrease in the aftermath of illegal filming or be excluded from the national team list in the future. 바카라

Some point out that the standard for selecting the national team should be set right at this time. Hwang Ui-jo’s performance declined as his playing time decreased and injuries overlapped with his previous teams, and controversy over his performance was raised every time he was called up to the national team. Kim Dae-gil, a sports commentator, said, “Hwang Ui-jo should not come to the national team and improve his performance. If you are a national team member, you should make it a rule to select the player you are currently best at.”

In fact, the national team continues to call specific players despite various controversies such as performance, and question marks are running on the selection criteria. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann is using holding midfielder Park Yong-woo (30, Al Ain), who was previously punished by the Professional Football League for his racist remarks about a K-League player from Thailand. Lee Ki-je (32, Suwon), a left fullback whose performance has declined due to fewer opportunities to play in his club, also continues to be called by the national team.

Coach Klinsmann’s player management has been put to the test in earnest. However, it is fortunate that Oh Hyun-kyu (22, Celtic) is improving his performance as he opened the scoring for his team in the offense. Han Joon-hee, a commentator on Coupang Play, said, “Based on the coach’s style, we will go according to the current system at least until the Asian Cup.” Oh Hyun-kyu’s position could rise, he predicted. Kim Dae-gil said, “There may be variables beyond the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup,” and advised that we should consider selecting a new face with good finishing skills, especially at the gate.

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