Hwang Ui-jo is also out of Norwich City… Hamstring injury is an ankle

Norwich City manager David Wagner said in an interview with The Mirror on Monday (Korea time) that Hwang sustained a hamstring injury after an away match (2-3 loss) in the 18th round of the 2023-2024 season against Watford in the English Championship. “We will check the severity of the injury after a thorough examination.”

Hwang scored his third goal of this season in the match against Watford. It is his second consecutive goal since the game against the Queens Park Rangers (1-0 win) on April 26.

This season, Hwang has made three goals and one assist in 13 championship games. In particular, Hwang has replaced six games, but is trying to create an opportunity to turn the tables.

However, a sudden hamstring injury was hamstrung. 토토사이트

Hwang Ui-jo is expected to be absent for up to four weeks, and Norwich City is in fierce competition with Jonathan Lo (7 goals-1 in 16 games), Adam Aida (5 goals-11 assists in 17 games), and Gabriel Sarah (5 goals-8 assists in 18 games).

“Hwang Ui-jo’s condition was at its peak recently. The Korean team also scored a goal and gained momentum, so it will be a big blow to the team,” Wagner said.

Of course, Hwang Ui-jo is having a hard time right now. This is because he became a suspect on charges of illegal filming.

Interest is also high in the UK. “The 31-year-old striker Hwang Ui-jo was accused of filming sex with his ex-girlfriend on his mobile phone and sharing it on social media,” the BBC said. “The Korea Football Association removed him from the national team list until the investigation results were released on the 28th.”

Norwich City is also aware of the problem, he said. Nottingham Forest, Hwang’s original club, told the BBC that it would not take a stand until the investigation results are released.

To make matters worse, Hwang, who had already been under investigation in South Korea, quietly moved to the U.K. after the match against China in the second Asian qualifying round for the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North and Central America in China. When some overseas players were traveling by chartered plane, Hwang carefully moved to Guangzhou and left for the U.K.

Earlier on the 28th of last month, the Korea Football Association said it had decided not to select Hwang Ui-jo as a national team member until a clear conclusion was reached by the investigative agency.

Lee Yoon-nam, chairman of the ethics committee, said, “National team players have a duty to maintain their honor with a high degree of morality and responsibility,” adding, “In that sense, we considered that they had to manage various parts of their personal lives.”

He added, “We considered various circumstances, including concerns about how (the incident) will affect the national team and concerns about what national team fans will feel if Lee plays as a national team member.”

As a result, coach Jürgen Klinsmann is in a situation where he could play the 2024 Qatar Asian Cup, which opens on January 12 next year, without Hwang Ui-jo. Hwang Ui-jo needs to be “discharged” by the law enforcement authorities to make his name on the final roster of the Asian Cup.

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