“How many people are there already?”

‘Should I do a good job?’ In the beginning of the rough Manchester United season, another injury occurred. This time, the defender of the signboard fell down.

Manchester United, which reinforced various players in the summer transfer market to win the league this season, is groaning at the continued “injury evil spirit.” Midfielder Mason Mount, who was recruited as the “No. 1” in the summer transfer market, suffered a long-term injury, followed by another key player. Luke Shaw (28), the team’s veteran defender and England’s main left-back, lay down.

Global soccer media GolCom England said on the 25th, “The Manchester United club will be hit hard by the player’s injury again.” Luke Shaw is expected to be absent for a long time due to a muscle injury,’ he reported. Earlier in the day, the Manchester United club announced, “The left-back show suffered a muscle injury.” The condition of the injury is not yet clear. However, Manchester United said, “Show will not be able to play (for rehabilitation) for a few weeks.”

Shaw’s injury is a big blow to United. This is because he played in 27 games last season and contributed greatly as a key defender of the team. Shaw also started in both the first and second rounds of the 2023-2024 season. The injury of such a player is a huge loss in itself. But the situation is worse for Manchester United. Tyrell Malaccia, the show’s backup option, is also injured. As a result, left-back resources have disappeared at once. 안전놀이터

The problem is that Manchester United failed to come up with a countermeasure. We have no choice but to select alternative resources before the transfer market is over, and there are no suitable resources in the market It remains to be seen whether Manchester United will move quickly.

Manchester United has won and lost one game in two games since the opening. They won 1-0 in the season opener against Wolverhampton, but were completely defeated 0-2 in the second round against Tottenham Hotspur. The initial atmosphere is not good. In particular, injury issues are shaking Manchester United. Rasmus Hoiirun, who was ambitiously recruited, is currently excluded from the available power after an injury was found during a medical test. In addition, Mount, who was the “first recruitment of the summer transfer market,” is also unable to play until the A match break in September due to an injury. In addition to the injuries of Malacia and Shaw, Manchester United’s atmosphere is at its worst.

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