‘Home Run + Bigning’ Jamsil is narrow…”Mountain Over the Mountain” Master-Legendary KIA’s Nuclear Hitting Line, Made Easy, 9 consecutive wins in 3,730 days

The fence, which is 125m to the center fence and 100m to the left and right ends of the fence, is a wailing wall that prevents balls that can be easily crossed in other stadiums. Such an arch drawn in Jamsil is bound to be worth a lot. 스포츠토토

The Jamsil Stadium looked small for the KIA Tigers against the Doosan Bears on the 6th. He easily passed the ball and continued to score by poking every corner of the outfield.

Na Sung-beom (34), a “15 billion big gun,” opened the door. In the top of the third inning, Doosan’s Kwak Bin sprayed a 122km curve that fell to the top of the strike zone in a 1B1S match with 1 out and 2nd base. Na Sung-bum turned the bat as if he had been waiting and connected it with a 125m-long two-run that was stuck in the middle of the right outfield stands. The batting speed was 177km, so it was an arch that was “properly caught on the bat.”

It was Kim Do-young (20) in his second year. In the top of the fourth inning, when Park Chan-ho’s timely hit made it 3-0, Kwak Bin turned his bat to a 146km fastball sprayed from 1B1S to a high course outside. A two-run shot with a distance of 125.4m falling on the top of the left outfield stands. It was a spectacular home run that drew admiration not only from the home team KIA but also from the Doosan stands on the first base. After Kim Do-young’s two-run shot, KIA added three more points with Na Sung-bum’s hit, Choi Hyung-woo’s double, and Socrates Brito’s two-run timely hit, creating a five-point big inning.

KIA, which won eight consecutive games earlier, and the concentration of the batters was the key to building the victory despite various unfavorable factors such as the departure of foreign pitcher Mario Sanchez and the injury of Lee Eui-ri. During the winning streak, the team’s batting average reached a whopping 344. The team’s on-base percentage was 0.402 and the slugging percentage was 0.539. The number of hits was second out of 10 clubs (88, No. 1 Kiwoom Heroes, 103), but RBIs (60 points) and runs (64) were far ahead of Kiwoom (50 RBIs, 50 points). The number of remaining bases (45) was the lowest in 10 clubs. This shows that the bat didn’t just pass by in a situation where the so-called score had to be scored.

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