Heo Jung-woo and Kim Jun-tae advance to quarterfinals side by side

“World class is different after all”

Ankara 3 Cushion World Cup winner Heo Jung-han, Korea’s No. 1 Choi Hwa-woo and No. 7 Kim Jun-tae reached the quarterfinals, while Seo Chang-hoon, An Ji-hoon, Park Soo-hoon, Park Soo-young, Jang Sung-won and Kim Young-ho also made it through the round of 16. In the previous round of 32-64, Kim Haeng-jik and Cha Myung-jong, as well as powerhouses Kim Hyung-gon and Choi Wan-young, were eliminated.

As a result, the quarterfinals on Nov. 22 will feature Choi Sung-woo-Kim Young-ho, Jang Jang-won-Seo Chang-hoon, Kim Jun-tae-Park Soo-yeong, and Heo Jung-hun-Ahn Ji-hoon.

Quarterfinals Choi Sungwoo-Kim Youngho, Kim Juntae-Park Sooyoung
Heo Jung-Han, Ahn Ji-hoon, Jang Sung-won-Seo Chang-hoon

Heo Jung-jeong (2nd, Gyeongnam) won the round of 16 at the 2024 Namwon National Billiards Championships 40:31 after a 35-inning long game against Jeong Yeon-cheol (19th, Daegu) at the Namwon Sports Town Indoor Gymnasium in Namwon City, Jeollabuk-do, on the evening of the 21st. Heo was in a close battle with Chung until the very end, when he showed his concentration in the final game.
He led throughout the match, but fell behind 14:16 in the 14th inning, but regained the lead 17:13 in the 17th inning. He then went into a lull and fell behind 27:30 in the 26th inning, but turned the tide again (35:31) with a high run of seven points in the 30th inning. From there, the team scored the remaining runs to close out the match. Heo Jung-jeong didn’t have an explosive day, but his steady scoring and crisis management helped him secure the win.

Cho Myung-woo (Seoul Metropolitan Government, Silk City Entity) and Kim Jun-tae (Gyeongbuk Sports Association) punched their tickets to the quarterfinals with a fiery attack in the mid-2s. Choi Sung-woo defeated Heo Jin-woo 40:23 (16 games) and Kim Jun-tae defeated Kim Sung-moon (Gyeongbuk) 40:15 (15 games).

After a dramatic come-from-behind victory in the Round of 32 with a high-run 18, Choi continued the momentum in the Round of 16.

The score was 9:11 through the first six innings, but he scored 19 points, including eight high runs, in the seventh through 11th innings to take a 28:17 (11 innings) lead. It didn’t take long for Choi to close out the match. He scored five more points in the 13th and 14th 사설토토 innings to make it 33:23, and closed out the game with a 7-point ‘finishing high run’ in the 16th inning. Choi’s average was 2.5.

Kim Jun-tae came out swinging in his Round of 16 match against Kim Sung-moon. After scoring 13 runs in the first inning, Kim scored four runs in the second inning and three runs in the third inning to take a 20:1 lead after just three innings. Kim Jun-tae scored five runs in the ninth inning and took a 38:14 lead in the 12th inning, effectively sealing the victory. Kim Jun-tae ended the match with one point each in the 13th and 15th innings. After 15 innings, Kim won 40:15 and his average was 2.667.

Also in the quarterfinals were Jang Sung-won (13th, Incheon), Park Soo-young (20th, Gangwon), Seo Chang-hoon (21st, Siheung City Sports Association) and Kim Young-ho (42nd, Gangwon).

Meanwhile, Kim Haengjik (Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do) lost a close match to 2023 World Junior 3 Cushion Championship winner Oh Myungkyu (Gangwon-do) in the round of 64, 38:40 (36 games), while Cha Myungjong (Incheon City Sports Association) lost a hard-fought match to Ha Donggeun (Gwangju), 36:40 (40 games).

The quarterfinals will be held tomorrow (22nd) at 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., followed immediately by the quarterfinals and the final at 9:00 p.m.


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